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Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal Drama: Beware the 50 Baht Surcharge in Bangkok’s Gateway to the North

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Welcome to the bustling heart of Bangkok’s travel scene, where the energy is as vivacious as the city’s vibrant street food markets, but not without its own set of drama. Picture this: you’ve just alighted from a lengthy bus journey, your senses tingling with anticipation for the adventures that await in Thailand’s mesmerizing North and Northeast. However, before you can fully embrace the Land of Smiles, there’s a little speed bump you might encounter – and it’s not the usual Bangkok traffic!

Recently, it seemed the iconic Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal, the gateway for wanderlust souls heading towards the lush landscapes and rich culture of Thailand’s northern realms, became the stage for an unexpected twist. Passengers, weary yet excited, found themselves in the midst of a predicament as a flock of taxi drivers, with a flash of opportunity in their eyes, began to whisper the need for an additional 50 baht surcharge. But why, you might wonder? Well, that’s where our story takes an interesting turn.

It was on a sunny Friday, specifically March 1, when the Transport Co, the overseer of endless journeys across the vast Thai landscape, decided to put an end to an era. Instead of stepping off into the arrival section, filled with the buzz of greetings and the clamor of wheels, passengers were redirected to the departure area. A seemingly subtle change, yet it was enough to stir the pot.

Following a day of whispered debates and furrowed brows, Transport Co made a bold statement. Clear as the serene waters of the Thai beaches, they declared, “We do not endorse the extra 50 baht.” It was a message to the masses, a beacon of clarity in the midst of confusion. They implored, “Do not fall for the whispers of the night. Should you find yourself caught in this net, reach out to the guardians at the Department of Land Transport at the mystical digits of 1584.” Yes, they assured, justice shall be served upon those daring to challenge the equilibrium.

But fret not, dear traveler, for your journey need not be hampered by such trivial troubles. Like a lighthouse guiding ships to safe harbor, Transport Co shed light on the path to righteousness – the official taxi stand, standing proudly near Exit 4. A sanctuary from the chaos, a place where only the true guardians of the road await to whisk you away to your next adventure.

And for those who dance to the rhythm of the early bird, a shuttle bus, like a chariot of dawn, shuttles between the Mo Chit BTS station and the bus terminal from the break of dawn till the sun kisses the horizon at 7 am. Should your heart desire a more local flavor, the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority bids you welcome at its terminal, south of the grand Chatuchak, offering a carriage to your next destination.

In a city where stories are painted on the canvas of bustling streets and serene temples, this tale of Mo Chit 2 serves as a reminder – amidst the whirlwind of travels, it’s the journey and how you tread that path, which carves your adventure. Stay vigilant, stay joyous, and let the Land of Smiles be your guide.


  1. TravelBug March 2, 2024

    Can’t believe the taxi drivers are charging extra! It’s just not fair to target tourists like this.

    • ThaiLocal March 2, 2024

      It’s not only tourists, even locals get trapped. It’s a widespread issue here.

      • NomadNancy March 2, 2024

        I’ve traveled all over and sadly, taxi scams are common in many places. Always best to know the local transport hotline.

    • TravelBug March 2, 2024

      True, didn’t think of it affecting locals too. Hopefully, spreading awareness can help.

  2. BangkokBobby March 2, 2024

    The 50 baht surcharge honestly doesn’t bother me much. It’s all part of the travel experience in Bangkok.

    • FrugalTraveller March 2, 2024

      Every baht counts when you’re traveling on a budget. It’s about the principle, not the amount.

  3. EthicalWanderer March 2, 2024

    There should be stricter regulations on taxi drivers to prevent these unofficial surcharges. It’s unfair to tourists and tarnishes the reputation of the city.

    • TheDevilsAdvocate March 2, 2024

      While it’s important to have regulations, let’s not forget many taxi drivers are just trying to make a living in a tough economy.

      • JusticeSeeker March 2, 2024

        Making a living shouldn’t include exploiting others. There are ways to earn money ethically.

  4. DigitalNomad101 March 2, 2024

    Always use ride-hailing apps to avoid these problems. It’s safer and you know the fare upfront.

    • OldSchool March 2, 2024

      Not everyone’s comfortable with technology. Some prefer the human interaction of hailing a cab.

      • TechSavvy March 2, 2024

        But at what cost? Getting scammed? I’ll stick to my apps, thanks.

      • DigitalNomad101 March 2, 2024

        Point taken. Though it’s about balancing convenience with safety. Still think apps are the way to go.

  5. SkepticSarah March 2, 2024

    Is the Mo Chit 2 issue really that significant? Feels like there are bigger problems in the tourism industry to tackle.

    • AwarenessAdvocate March 2, 2024

      It’s about setting a precedent. If small issues go unchecked, they can escalate into larger ones.

  6. HistoryBuff March 2, 2024

    Mo Chit serves as a vital link to the North. This situation sheds light on broader issues in transport and tourism. Always interesting to see how these hubs evolve.

  7. BrightSide March 2, 2024

    At least Transport Co is taking steps to address the issue. It’s good to see some action being taken.

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