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Monk Stripped of Sacred Title: Fall From Grace Reveals Shocking Repercussions of Disobeying Buddhist Discipline!

In line with the established precepts of Buddhism, the recent case of Khanech Suchinano being stripped of his monk’s title – better known in his community as Kay – has shed light on the repercussions of deviating from the strict tenets of monastic discipline, bringing into focus the stern steps taken by authoritative bodies to uphold the sanctity of this age-old religious institution.

Previously, Khanech, or Kay as he is fondly addressed, was relieved of his monkhood following an injunction promulgated for his immediate arrest. His journey towards becoming a monk initially started through a group ordination event, masterminded by a local temple. An article published on a Buddhist news portal recently revealed some startling details about Kay’s monastic journey. It confirmed that Kay had successfully relinquished his monkhood at the famous Wat Takrop, located in the picturesque Chaiya district of the Surat Thani province.

This action was the result of a disclosure made to Inthaporn Chan-Iam, the Deputy Director who was standing in for the Director of the National Office of Buddhism, by the Surat Thani Provincial Office of Buddhism, that Kay had officially been stripped of his monastic rank. The Deputy Director, Inthaporn, let it slip that the National Office of Buddhism had to consult with his parent temple in Surin province after allegations of breach of monastic conduct came up against Kay. As per the standard procedure, Kay was asked to appear before the monastery on July 30 to answer these allegations, but he failed to comply.

The final blow came when the parent temple stated that Kay had not abided by the sacred principles of monastic life and hence was no longer recognized as a member of that institution. As a result, Kay was left without any affiliated temple, thus triggering the need for law enforcement action per the Buddhist legal system. This included the need for him to abdicate his monkhood within 72 hours and to swiftly disown his monk’s robe if found wearing it post-defrockment. The careful coordination of the churchwarden, local law enforcement, and the Provincial Office of Buddhism would ensure that these directives were duly adhered to.

When probed about why Kay was offered an opportunity for ordination in the first place, Inthaporn clarified that Kay, as per his understanding, had gone through the mass ordination process implemented by the temple. This type of programme, as reported by KhaoSod, is usually of a fixed duration. However, upon the conclusion of this programme, instead of returning to his layman’s life, Kay chose to extend his monastic journey and began travelling to various places.


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