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Mother Fights Back in Sickening Child Abuse Goliath Case: Top Official’s Heinous Plea Bargain Could Shatter Innocent Lives!

In the northeastern province of Buriram, Thailand, the deplorable incident of the sexual exploitation of a three-year-old innocent girl at Nong Yai Child Development Centre has shaken the entire community. The suspect in question, Somporn “Noi” Yongram, in his mature years at 59, who held the position of the center’s director, requested plea bargains to escape charges fearing the loss of his pension due for retirement next year.

This disgraceful turn of events came into the light when the victim’s mother (referred to as “A” hereafter) reported it to Channel 3. Astonishingly, she was pressurized by a few government departments to discontinue the litigation against Noi owing to his imminent retirement. Given the moral and emotional turpitude, A decided to involve the Pavena Hongsakul Foundation to prevent Noi from dodging his reprehensible actions. Through an interview with Channel 3, she brought her grim situation into public awareness.

The articles from Channel 3 narrates A’s ordeal. On the fateful afternoon of September 13, A collected her daughter from the center only to be informed by the toddler about a discomfort in her private area as soon as they reached home. The child’s tear-filled eyes and her plea of feeling sore, led A to inspect her daughter’s vaginal area only to find signs of bruising.

Upon asking her daughter about what had transpired at the centre resulted in the horrifying revelation that Noi violated her in the bathroom of the center. This urged A to rush her daughter to the nearest hospital for further medical checkup. While it was confirmed that there were no signs of semen, the little girl was admitted to the hospital as the inability to urinate emerged as a pressing concern.

Following the distressing incident, A lodged a formal complaint with the Chum Saeng Police Station against Noi. Much to her profound dismay, she was pressured by several government departments as well as the ex-director of the center, to restrict the case to monetary compensation and absolve Noi of legal charges. The argument made was to show compassion towards the nearing retirement of Noi.

As per Channel 3, Noi has been officially charged under Section 277 of Criminal law for sexually assaulting a minor under 13 years of age. If convicted, he might face imprisonment between one to ten years, or a penalty ranging from 10,000 to 200,000 baht, or both. Currently reprieving in the hospital due to stress related to the case, Noi’s appeal for mercy due to his forthcoming retirement might land on deaf ears.

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