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Mother’s Worst Nightmare: Unthinkable Sexual Assault on 7-Year-Old French Boy in Thailand & Her Battle against a Corrupt System – This Story Will Leave You Speechless!

In an alarming sequence of events, a French woman seeks vindication after her little boy, aged just seven, becomes a victim of sexual molestation at the hands of a depraved Thai pederast. The appalling incidents transpired in a grocery store on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand. Astoundingly, in spite of her son enduring such a horrendous ordeal, the French woman faced additional distress as her travel document got impounded due to charges of assault flagged by the perpetrator himself. Not only was there no help extended by the French Embassy, but the Thai authorities also suggested abandoning the case.

The distressed mother, officially known as Mina, took to her Twitter handle (@Princessemondi2) on September 29, recounting her spine-chilling experience. The 30-year-old single mother, earning her living as a hair stylist, had put in considerable sweat and toil for years to plan this trip to Thailand with her child. This dream vacation, however, met an unfortunate turn of events on their last day at the island’s hotel.

They had cheerfully started their day, stopping by the proximity store, conveniently located a stone’s throw away from their accommodation for their morning coffee. Upon returning to their hotel to check out, they realized they had left the keys to their room back at the grocery store. The young boy, feeling confident from the store’s closeness to the hotel, proposed to retrieve the lost key.

The unexpected and horrifying ordeal commenced when the seven-year-old boy returned to his mother in a state of shock, discussing in fine detail about the sexual assault he had faced at the shop. A Thai man had not only touched the young boy at inappropriate places but also coerced him to reciprocate. Hearing about this monstrous incident, the trembling mother sprinted back into the grocery store only to discover the assailant naked, confronting him about his crime and slapping him across the face in a fit of rage.

Adding to Mina’s plight, the Thai man had thoughtfully disconnected the store’s security cameras before the assault. The passers-by along with hotel maids tried to console the mother and assisted her in getting in touch with the law enforcement. Being unfamiliar with the English language, she sought help from a French co-guest, who then went on to narrate the whole incident to the police.

Mina reveals that she was met with discouraging responses from the Thai Police, who suggested letting go of the case due to its complexity and lengthy proceedings. Being made to participate in a reenactment of the event visibly distressed her son. The Thai man lodged a counter complaint accusing her of physical assault leading to a fine of 1,000 baht and her passport being seized.

She was put to further inconvenience by having to afford a lawyer and translation services in her quest for justice for her boy. Meanwhile, her son was sent back to France to recommence his education while his mother remained in Thailand to face trial. Mina revealed her desperate urge to reunite with her family, highlighting her grim financial situation and her inability to work in the foreign land. Amidst the foreign territory, she lamented over her solitude where no help came forth – not even from the French Embassy.

In her plight, she calls upon netizens to amplify her story and extends a plea for help from anyone who could possibly extend their support.

As shared by Mina via a tweet on October 7, 2023, “J’ai été placée en garde à vu et j’ai du payer une caution de 1k pour ne pas être déférée en prison en attendant d’être jugée. Tout ça sous les yeux de mon enfant. On me fait signer des papiers que je comprends pas, aucun traducteur n’est là pour m’aider..”

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