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Naphasorn and Thachathorn Nuayen Arrested: The 400 Million Baht Embezzlement from Donmuang Fermented Pork Sausage Co.

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In a dramatic twist worthy of a blockbuster movie, the tranquil morning in Suphan Buri was shattered as Crime Suppression Division police swooped down on an unsuspecting temple car park, arresting Naphasorn Nuayen, 39, and her husband Thachathorn Nuayen, 41. What crime, you may wonder, merits such a grand apprehension? The stakes couldn’t be higher – the alleged embezzlement of a jaw-dropping nearly 400 million baht from the illustrious Donmuang Fermented Pork Sausage Co., a business empire built on the savory delights of fermented pork sausages, owned by no other than the woman’s aunt.

The plot thickens as we take a glimpse into the morning of the arrest. Authorities from both the Crime Suppression Division and the Anti-Money Laundering Office embarked on a cinematic raid across three provinces – Pathum Thani, Nakhon Nayok, and Nakhon Ratchasima, at the break of dawn. Their mission? To apprehend the alleged masterminds behind a scandal shaking the very foundations of the Donmuang Fermented Pork Sausage Co. The highlight of this operation was a large two-storey house at Casa Ville housing estate – a fortress belonging to the suspect couple, hiding in the shadows of Thayaburi district, Pathum Thani.

The couple wasn’t home. In a plot twist reminiscent of classic capers, they had slipped away under the guise of making merit on the birthday of Ms. Naphasorn’s mother at a temple in Suphan Buri’s U Thong district. But fate, or rather the law, caught up with them in the least expected of hideouts – a temple car park.

Diving deeper into this tale of deception and betrayal, it was revealed that Donmuang Fermented Pork Sausage Co had sensed something amiss within its financial realm and had triggered an investigation last year. The sleuths at CSD sub-division 2 unravelled a web of deceit spun by Ms. Naphasorn, the owner’s niece, entrusted with the keys to the kingdom – the company’s financial accounts.

Accusations flew as investigators pieced together a saga of financial pilferage, alleging that Ms. Naphasorn had treated the company’s bank accounts as her personal piggy bank, redirecting money intended for business partners and the company itself into her and her confederate’s coffers. This saga wasn’t a short one; it spanned a decade from 2013 to 2023, during which time it’s alleged that Ms. Naphasorn embezzled money on about 1,000 different occasions, the total sum amounting to a staggering 396.22 million baht.

The plot reveals a lavish lifestyle funded by the ill-gotten gains, featuring land, houses, luxury cars, and other extravagant spoils, some masquerading under Mr. Thachathorn’s name, in an attempt to clean the money of its murky origins. The culmination of this high-stakes drama saw the authorities seizing assets including houses, title deeds, and luxury vehicles as they peeled back the layers of this financial onion to scrutinise the sources of this vast wealth.

As the curtains close on this episode, with the couple now in police custody facing legal action, one can’t help but marvel at the audacity of this embezzlement scheme, ripping off a family business to fund a life of opulence. The moral of the story? Crime doesn’t pay, especially not when it involves fermented pork sausages. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this enthralling saga.


  1. BobbyK May 8, 2024

    Honestly, it’s like a movie script! But it does make you question how much trust we put into family members when it comes to business. Too much trust can clearly lead to disaster.

    • MargeH May 8, 2024

      I mean, trust is fine but no controls or checks? That’s just asking for trouble. Any business, family or not, needs strict financial audits.

      • BobbyK May 8, 2024

        Absolutely, MargeH! A business is a business, and it should be treated as such, regardless of whether it’s family running it or not. This case just highlights the pitfalls of mixing family and business too closely without safeguards.

    • SimpleSimon May 8, 2024

      Y’all are missing the point. This is about betrayal at the deepest level. Can you imagine the family gatherings after this? Awkward doesn’t even start to describe it.

  2. Larry Davis May 8, 2024

    Does anyone else feel a bit of schadenfreude reading this? Not gonna lie, it’s fascinating to see the mighty fall, especially when they’re doing it to themselves.

    • ethicalEnigma May 8, 2024

      It’s natural to feel that way, Larry. But remember, it’s not just the guilty parties suffering here; the employees and innocent family members are also caught in the crossfire.

      • Larry Davis May 8, 2024

        Good point. It’s easy to forget the broader impact these actions have. Wonder how many people lost their jobs or savings because of this.

  3. Janet_W May 8, 2024

    This makes me wonder about the state of other family-owned businesses. How many are walking a tightrope without even knowing it?

    • bizGuru101 May 8, 2024

      You’d be surprised, Janet_W. Many families mix personal and business finances with little thought to the consequences. It’s a ticking time bomb.

      • Janet_W May 8, 2024

        That’s terrifying! Makes you think twice about where you put your money. Maybe investing in family-owned businesses isn’t as safe as we thought.

    • MoneySavvy May 8, 2024

      It’s all about transparency and accountability, regardless of whether a business is family-owned or public. Cases like this unfortunately tarnish the reputation of those that do follow the rules.

  4. TommyLee May 8, 2024

    Wait, are we just going to ignore that this all started from fermented pork sausages? That’s the real headline here.

    • FoodieQueen May 8, 2024

      Right? I didn’t even know fermented pork sausage was such a big deal. Now I’m curious to try some…minus the embezzlement drama.

      • TommyLee May 8, 2024

        Definitely same here. It’s kind of bizarre how something so simple started such a complex problem. Wonder if sales will go up or down after this.

  5. Skeptical May 8, 2024

    400 million baht seems like a lot to just ‘slip through the cracks’. Where were the auditors? Where was the oversight? Something doesn’t add up here.

    • auditTrail May 8, 2024

      Spot on. This screams negligence from the higher-ups. No single person should have that kind of access without oversight. It’s basic business 101.

      • ControlFreak May 8, 2024

        This isn’t just basic business 101, it’s common sense. How do you let nearly half a billion baht walk out the door? Heads should roll for this, not just the ones caught.

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