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Netiporn Sanesangkhom’s Hunger Strike: A Battle for Freedom Against Thailand’s Lese-Majeste Laws

In the midst of Bangkok’s chaotic streets, a tale as gripping as any thriller unfolds; a tale starring none other than Netiporn “Bung” Sanesangkhom, a resolute political activist whose courage is as unshakable as her resolve. The story takes a dramatic turn on October 19, 2023, right outside the stoic facade of the Bangkok South Criminal Court. Here, Netiporn, adorned not with jewels but with a stark testament to her battle—a cut on her arm—stands as a symbol of defiance and support for a fellow activist ensnared by the iron grip of lese-majeste laws.

Fast forward to January 26, and the setting shifts to the cold, unyielding walls of the Central Women’s Correctional Institution. Netiporn’s spirit, however, refuses to be caged. Embracing a hunger strike as her weapon of choice, she fights not with fists but with the sheer force of her will. By January 27, forsaking food, water, and medical aid, she becomes a beacon for justice, her body a battleground between her ideals and her mortality. This extraordinary act of defiance is not merely a protest but a clarion call for reform, a desperate plea for a world where political dissent does not warrant a prison sentence.

The seeds of this confrontation were sown on a fateful day, October 19, 2023, when Netiporn and her comrades sought to voice their support outside the court, an act that led her into a tangle with the guardians of law, marking her skin but not her spirit. This act of solidarity was for an activist, a prisoner of conscience, trapped in the thorns of lese-majeste.

Netiporn’s saga is intertwined with another episode on August 6, 2023, outside the hallowed halls of the Ministry of Culture. Here, she allegedly wielded spray paint as her scepter, leaving her mark on a symbol of royalty. This act saw her bail, an already fragile thread of freedom, snap under the weight of alleged recidivism. Under the scrutinizing eye of the law, she was charged with lese-majeste, an offence that whispers of reverence but screams of suppression.

The backdrop to Netiporn’s solitary struggle is painted with the broad strokes of political unrest. Since the Free Youth protests sprang to life in July 2020, the canvas of Thailand has been dotted with the silhouettes of 1,938 souls, each prosecuted for daring to dream of expression and political participation. Among these, 262 shadowy figures are draped in the dark veil of lese-majeste charges, standing testament to the heavy silence that surrounds the crown. Furthermore, 138 others find themselves entangled in the web of sedition charges, a testament to the perilous path of dissent in the Land of Smiles.

As Netiporn languishes in her cold cell, her body weakened but spirit unyielding, on the eleventh day of her hunger strike, the narrative takes us to the Correctional Hospital. Diagnosed with hepatitis and cystitis, among other ailments, her physical form may be frail, but her resolve is as hard as diamond. The stark contrast between her vulnerable state and her iron will encapsulates the struggle of 26 souls currently behind bars, all ensnared in the unforgiving judicial labyrinth of political cases still winding their way through the system.

This saga, chronicled by the vigilant Thai Lawyers for Human Rights, is more than just a recount of events; it’s a mirror reflecting a society ensnared in the coils of draconian laws and a testament to the indomitable human spirit. As Netiporn and her comrades stand defiant against the tempest, they beckon us to question, to reflect, and perhaps, to join in their chorus for change. This is not just the story of a woman, an activist, or a nation; it’s the narrative of the ceaseless struggle for freedom and justice, echoing through the corridors of power and the streets of Bangkok, resonating with the hopes of the silenced and the dreams of the free.


  1. FreeSpirit99 February 6, 2024

    This hunger strike is a powerful statement against an unjust law. The courage displayed by Netiporn is both inspiring and heartbreaking. It’s high time the international community took a stand against these oppressive lese-majeste laws.

    • Realist101 February 6, 2024

      While I agree that freedom of expression is important, it’s also crucial to respect a country’s laws and cultural sensitivities. These laws exist for a reason, and it’s not our place to question another nation’s legal framework.

      • EchoChamber February 6, 2024

        But when laws oppress and silence, shouldn’t it be everyone’s place to question and demand change? Human rights transcend borders.

      • FreeSpirit99 February 6, 2024

        Exactly. When laws are used to suppress dissent and imprison those who merely express an opinion, it’s a violation of fundamental human rights. We can’t stay silent.

    • ThetaState February 6, 2024

      I fear for her health. Hunger strikes can lead to irreversible damage or worse. The cause is noble, but I hope she finds other ways to protest that don’t put her life at risk.

  2. BangkokLocal February 6, 2024

    This is a complicated issue, and much of the international reaction fails to understand the cultural context of Thailand. It’s not as black and white as some activists make it seem.

    • Globetrotter February 6, 2024

      Culture should never be a justification for human rights abuses. It’s easy to talk about cultural context when you’re not the one being oppressed.

  3. HistoryNerd February 6, 2024

    The situation reflects a broader trend of authoritarianism seen worldwide. Draconian laws are not unique to Thailand; many regimes use legal means to stifle dissent and maintain control.

    • Patriot909 February 6, 2024

      Every country has the right to maintain its sovereignty and social order. Western perspectives on ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ shouldn’t dictate how other nations run their affairs.

      • LibertyBell February 6, 2024

        But don’t you see? When ‘social order’ is maintained through fear and suppression, it’s no longer order but tyranny. We have a global responsibility to champion the cause of freedom.

  4. JaneD February 6, 2024

    It’s disappointing how little media attention Netiporn’s hunger strike has received globally. Stories like these need to be at the forefront to spark international pressure.

    • MediaWatcher February 6, 2024

      The media often neglects stories that don’t have a direct impact on their primary audiences. It’s a sad truth about our global information system.

      • JaneD February 6, 2024

        That’s exactly why people need to raise awareness through whatever means we have – social media, protests, petitions. We can’t rely solely on traditional media.

  5. Skeptical February 6, 2024

    How effective are hunger strikes, really? Aren’t there better ways to bring about change without harming oneself?

    • FreeSpirit99 February 6, 2024

      Sometimes, drastic situations require drastic measures. Hunger strikes bring attention to causes that are often ignored. It’s a potent form of non-violent protest.

    • GroundedView February 6, 2024

      I agree that it gets attention, but I worry about the aftermath. Change is slow, and the immediate health risks can be severe. There must be a balance.

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