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Nonthaburi Senate Elections 2023: Ittiporn Boonpracong Leads the Charge

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Senate candidates made their grand entrance at the Impact Forum in Nonthaburi on Wednesday morning, setting the stage for an electrifying final round of the Senate election. (Photo: Pattarapong Chatpattarasill)

In the picturesque locale of Nonthaburi, the day dawned with great anticipation as the last leg of the Senate election commenced. Heading the event was the chairman of the Election Commission, who was confident that by the evening, the names of all 200 newly elected senators would be unveiled. The buzz was palpable as the 2,995 candidates, who had secured their positions at the provincial level, gathered at the esteemed Impact Forum by 9am sharp.

However, in every race, there are those who lag behind—six candidates couldn’t beat the clock, leaving 2,989 to fight it out in the national-level election. The crucial votes would happen in two pivotal rounds throughout the day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

At the helm, Mr. Ittiporn Boonpracong stood steadfast amidst the throng, declaring that the voting process was on track to reveal the elected 200 senators by 5pm or 6pm that very evening. Security and integrity were a top priority, with election officials keeping a vigilant eye on proceedings. These custodians of democracy were thorough, ensuring candidates felt the watchful eyes even during their restroom breaks—no room for mischief here!

The excitement wasn’t merely about the election itself but the anticipation of a new dawn in politics. The incoming Senate, a 200-strong assembly of professionals from diverse sectors, would replace the 250 coup-appointed senators whose time had ticked out on May 10. This fresh cohort hailed from 20 distinct vocations, symbolizing the colorful mosaic of Thai professional life.

The election journey was a meticulous affair. It began with intra-professional group votes, moved on to inter-group stages at the district level, and then scaled the ladder to provincial and national levels. The intra-district level elections took place on June 9, segueing into inter-elections at the provincial level on June 16. It was a crescendo of democratic exercise, with every step forming a crucial piece of the electoral symphony.

Yet, unlike their forerunners, these senators would not hold the reins to elect the prime minister. Their role, however, was no less significant; they would delve into the legislative process, playing a pivotal role in the passage and amendment of laws and the constitution. Moreover, they would hold the torch of accountability, appointing independent organizations and scrutinizing the performance of the executive government.

The atmosphere at the Impact Forum was a heady mix of tension, excitement, and optimism. Every candidate knew the weight of this moment, the culmination of rigorous campaigning and fervent hope. As the clock ticked towards evening, the nation watched with bated breath, ready to welcome the new guardians of their legislative future.

In essence, the final round of the Senate elections in Nonthaburi was a testament to the democratic spirit, reflecting the nation’s commitment to evolving governance. With every ticking second, the anticipation mounted, promising an evening of declarations, celebrations, and a renewed democratic ethos. Here’s to the 200 trailblazers set to chart the course for a dynamic and accountable governance!


  1. Joe June 26, 2024

    This whole election is just a farce. I don’t believe these candidates will make any significant changes.

    • Ana P. June 26, 2024

      I disagree. We have to give them a chance. New faces can bring new ideas, right?

      • Sophia L. June 26, 2024

        Exactly, Ana! Every new start can bring some hope. We can’t always be cynics.

    • Joe June 26, 2024

      Maybe you’re right. It’s just hard to stay positive with the current political climate.

  2. Chang June 26, 2024

    Why do we even need 200 senators? Seems like a waste of taxpayer money.

    • EducatedMan June 26, 2024

      The structure provides checks and balances. It’s crucial for a well-functioning democracy.

    • Emma W June 26, 2024

      Agree with Chang! We need fewer bureaucrats and more direct action.

    • Ming June 26, 2024

      Maybe, but having a diverse group ensures that many perspectives are considered.

  3. grower134 June 26, 2024

    I’m just here for the drama. Elections are like a reality TV show to me.

    • Hannah B. June 26, 2024

      Haha, same! But we shouldn’t forget the importance of these events for our country’s future.

    • seriousSam June 26, 2024

      This statement is why our democracy is a mess. People need to take elections seriously.

  4. Larry D June 26, 2024

    How can they ensure security and integrity when there’s so much corruption everywhere?

    • pirate June 26, 2024

      Simple. They can’t. Corruption is in the system’s DNA.

    • Optimist June 26, 2024

      You’re too cynical. There are always ways to improve, and vigilance from citizens can help.

  5. Mark June 26, 2024

    2,995 candidates but only 200 will make it. What’s even the point of the rest? This feels wasteful.

    • Jasmine T. June 26, 2024

      It’s about giving everyone a fair chance. More candidates mean more representation options.

    • Mira K. June 26, 2024

      It also ensures that the best of the best get selected through multiple rigorous rounds.

  6. Leo June 26, 2024

    The idea of having diverse professionals in the senate is appealing. Fingers crossed they actually perform.

    • Sam June 26, 2024

      True, but how often do politicians really deliver on their promises?

    • Veronica June 26, 2024

      They might surprise us! Some of these new senators could legitimately be there to make a difference.

    • Leo June 26, 2024

      I suppose we’ll have to wait and see. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  7. Larry Davis June 26, 2024

    Ittiporn Boonpracong has been pretty impressive so far. Let’s see how he handles this.

  8. Skeptic80 June 26, 2024

    All this for a group that doesn’t even elect the prime minister. Are they really that important?

    • EducatedMan June 26, 2024

      Their role in legislative processes and government accountability makes them very important.

    • Kat June 26, 2024

      Exactly. Sometimes indirect power can have a more profound impact.

  9. pirate June 26, 2024

    Ittiporn leading the charge is just window dressing. Real change requires systemic reform.

    • Sufi June 26, 2024

      But leadership matters too. He can set the tone for new policies and transparency.

  10. Lucas June 26, 2024

    The whole thing is like a well-orchestrated play. Just hope it doesn’t end in a tragedy.

    • Nina June 26, 2024

      Let’s hope it’s a comedy with a happy ending instead!

  11. devilMayCry June 26, 2024

    Why are we still bothering with these democratic processes if nothing ever changes?

  12. Savannah June 26, 2024

    Because incremental changes build over time. Every little victory counts.

  13. Historian_99 June 26, 2024

    People always underestimate the weight of collective action in democracies.

  14. Marie June 26, 2024

    This entire thing wouldn’t be necessary if the previous system worked better.

    • Khoa June 26, 2024

      True, but giving up isn’t an option. We have to keep striving for better.

  15. citygirl June 26, 2024

    It’s amazing to see so many women candidates this year. Real step towards equality!

    • Skeptic80 June 26, 2024

      Just having women doesn’t mean there will be equality. It’s about policies.

    • citygirl June 26, 2024

      But representation matters too. Seeing women in power can inspire future generations.

  16. maxpower June 26, 2024

    Can’t wait for the results! It’s like waiting for the season finale of a great TV show.

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