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Overseas Voting Chaos? Amid Civil War, Thai Voters in Sudan Face Uncertain Election Fate!

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Eligible Thai citizens residing overseas are able to cast their votes from April 25 to May 5, prior to the May 14 election. The exact date for voting will be determined by the Thai embassy and consulate in each respective country, according to Election Commission (EC) secretary-general Sawaeng Boonmee.

Mr. Sawaeng mentioned that the EC has received word from the Foreign Ministry that there might be complications with the overseas voting in Sudan, a northeastern African country currently experiencing a civil war. With collaboration between the EC, Thailand Post, the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Consular Affairs, Airports of Thailand, and Thai Airways International, the overseas ballot papers will be securely delivered in diplomatic pouches or directly handed over by embassy officials to the EC by May 9.

The ballot papers will subsequently be sent separately to each of the 400 constituencies according to the registered location of each voter. They will be stored safely and counted simultaneously with the votes cast at polling stations on May 14.

On Monday, the EC issued a press release outlining the following measures in place to ensure the election’s integrity:

  1. 128 committees have been established to assess and scrutinize any petitions challenging the election results.
  2. 88 intelligence teams are in place to collect information to be utilized during EC investigations into all petitions.
  3. 400 rapid deployment teams have been deployed to prevent and suppress election fraud as well as apprehend and detain individuals suspected of violating election and political party laws. These teams will operate across all 77 provinces.
  4. A central hub has been created to coordinate investigations and receive complaints related to election fraud.

Also, the EC has launched the เปิดตาสับปะรด (Open Eyes Pineapple) app to allow the public to report instances of vote-buying. The app is available for download on both the iOS and Android operating systems, ensuring that the election process remains transparent and fair.

As a result of these measures, Thai voters can confidently cast their votes, knowing that the election process is closely monitored, and steps are in place to maintain the integrity of the voting process.

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