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People are urged not to go swimming due to a weather warning in Patong

Authorities have once more issued a warning that the red flag locations have extremely strong waves, and if anyone decides to swim in a storm, they should move to places with yellow-red flags instead. They advise everyone who swims at the beach to only use the yellow-red flagged safe swimming areas and issue a warning that swimming outside of these areas can be extremely dangerous owing to weather. However, authorities now warn in advisories that Phuket’s neighborhood beaches are being affected by choppy seas. Tourists continue to swarm to the beaches to enjoy their vacations and get in some beach lounging and swimming, despite the fact that the weather hasn’t given absolutely sunny days. They come to participate in recreational activities including swimming, jet skiing, paragliding, and running. Some of them still go out to the sun. Lifeguards are stationed all along the beach to caution visitors about the risks of swimming in the choppy waves caused by the inclement weather. A visitor was reported dead yesterday as a result of the same severe seas off Ko Chang. Another drowning occurred in Koh Samui in April as a result of tourists disobeying red flag warnings on the beach.

Although the Thai Meteorological Department continuously issues weather advisories and warnings for individuals throughout Thailand, many people choose to ignore them because they believe that local warnings are more likely to be applicable. Although most people are helpful, according to the chief lifeguard, it is still crucial to spread the message and warn people not to swim in open water, especially in areas where red flags are posted. Lifeguards at Phuket’s well-known Patong Beach are alerting visitors about the treacherous surf on the storm-blown ocean’s coasts due to storms and strong winds that are raging throughout Thailand. The majority of tourists he is presently seeing, according to the top lifeguard at Patong Beach, are from India, Arabic nations, and Australia.

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