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Phuket Goes Pink: Inside Jungceylon’s 10 Million Baht High-Season Makeover You Can’t Miss!

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Welcome, one and all, to the extravaganza of the year at Phuket’s premier lifestyle hub, the Jungceylon Shopping Center! This Patong-based paradise has poured over 10 million baht into a grand transformation, buzzzing with promotional fervor and glitzy entertainment. Embracing the festive energy that blankets the high season’s final quarter of 2023, this tropical retreat is the place to be for both Thai enthusiasts and international adventurers alike.

Under the guidance of the ever-dynamic Mrs. Tassanee Tepprasertvangsa, the center’s Chief Marketing Officer, this year’s festivity—dubbed ‘Jungceylon Christmas & Happy New Year 2024’—is swathed in a theme that will tickle you pink, quite literally! ‘PINK A WISH’ turns every corner into a blushing spectacle, with graphic florals dancing across the mall’s façade, ushering in a wave of cheer and luminosity. Anchoring this visual feast is a towering 12-meter-high Christmas tree, a blushing beauty adorned with petal garlands and glimmering lights, while enchanting pink photo spots stand ready to capture your magical moments.

The shopping spree gets even sweeter with the ‘Tourist 7 Days Special.’ Hold onto your hats, shopaholics, for a whirlwind of exclusive discounts awaits, cranking up the dial from a delightful 10% to a whopping 70% across over 200 stores! Spend a cheeky 1,000 baht or a lavish 3,000 baht, and behold—a Jungceylon Pink Collection souvenir shall be yours. Keep your eyes peeled between November 24th and 30th, where the stage will come alive with performances to leave you enchanted.

But save some of your sparkle for December 8th, as the ‘Phuket Carnival at Patong 2023’ sweeps in for its 37th jubilant year. In a fabulously flamboyant entry, Jungceylon will flaunt a ‘PINK BEACH PARTY’ theme, complete with a parade that shimmers with enchantment of offshore escapades. Imagine the Pretty Pink Girls, dazzling deck-side on a yacht, serenaded by thumping beats and show-stopping spectacles. The stage is set to make your holiday revelries unforgettable!

As Yuletide nears, we ramp up the festivities yet again. Dare to try your luck at the Santa Treasure Game, or witness a melange of Saint Nicks at the ‘International Santa Claus Show,’ where you’ll see jolly ambassadors from 13 different lands, all decked in their cultural finery. From December 23rd to the 25th, watch them parade in sessions scattered throughout the day, and come Christmas, let your ears be blessed with the melodies of Ekaphan “Pure” Wannasut, the vocal virtuoso of The Voice All Stars fame.

And when the clock strikes the end of the year, join in the camaraderie with autobot cosplayers, snapping up memories that will leave you grinning well into the new year.

This bustling hive of activity hasn’t taken a breather on the retail front either. 2023 has seen a parade of new stores adorning its corridors: MK Gold, Fuji Restaurant, GENTLEWOMAN, Superdry, Levi’s—you name it, Jungceylon has welcomed it! The Garden Zone, a symphony of international flavors and nightlife revelry, has also seen its ranks swell with delectable new offerings, like the first Southern branches of Tim Hortons and TACO BELL.

Come 2024, the anticipation bubbles over as Din Tai Fung, the celebrated Taiwanese gastronomic giant, prepares to open its doors, marking its first provincial venture in Thailand. And let it be known that all this fanfare isn’t just for the world-traveler; with locals and expats accounting for a solid chunk of the clientele, Jungceylon is truly a crossroads of global and local charm.

As the seasons shift, so does the medley of visitors, woven from the vibrant threads of countries far and wide. Mrs. Tassanee tells of over 50 marketing events teed up for 2024, poised to draw crowds that rival the halcyon pre-Covid days. With 40,000 to 50,000 daily visitors in the forecast, it’s set to be high tide throughout the high season at Jungceylon Shopping Center, the crown jewel of Phuket’s commercial scene.

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