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Pita Limjaroenrat Leads as Thailand’s Prime Choice for Prime Minister in Latest NIDA Survey

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Imagine the bustling, vibrant heart of Thailand, pulsating with the rhythms of democracy and the buzz of political discourse. It was amidst this lively backdrop that the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) embarked on a fascinating journey to gauge the political landscape of the nation. Between March 11 and 13, an ambitious survey came to life, reaching out to 2,000 individuals aged 18 and above from every corner of this beautiful country. The findings, revealed on a sunny Sunday, shed light on the preferences and inclinations of the Thai electorate in a manner as intriguing as the plot of a bestselling novel.

The crux of the survey presented a question that seemed simple, yet was layered with the complexities of political allegiances and aspirations: “Which politician would you choose as Prime Minister at this very moment?” The answer from a whopping 42.75% of respondents was Pita, a name that resonated across the responses like a clear bell on a quiet morning, surpassing the likes of the incumbent Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and the spirited leader of the Pheu Thai Party, Paetongtarn Shinawatra.

In a parallel universe where governance is as much about popularity as it is about policies, the Move Forward party emerged as the star of the show. Nearly half of the survey’s participants, positioned at an impressive 48.45%, voiced their support for this political faction. It was a moment of revelation, indicating a tide that had been turning since the last whispers of voter preference were captured in December 2023.

Indeed, the political landscape seemed to have undergone its own kind of metamorphosis. Pita, the beacon of hope for many, saw his support swell from 39.40% to 42.75%. Meanwhile, Srettha, perhaps akin to a captain braving turbulent seas, felt the tide recede, with his popularity dipping from 22.35% to a more modest 17.75%. As for the parties, Move Forward rode the wave of increasing approval, jumping from 44.05% to an even more impressive 48.45%, casting a shadow on Pheu Thai’s dip from 24.05% to 22.10%.

A list of favorite prime ministers emerged, akin to the top chart hits but with a political twist:

  1. Pita held the crown with 42.75%,
  2. A mysterious contender, representing the longing for an ideal, captured the imagination of 20.05% under ‘No satisfied choice’,
  3. Srettha stood at 17.75%, holding onto the hearts of some,
  4. Paetongtarn, with a legacy and a vision, attracted 6%,
  5. And Pirapan Salirathavibhaga, with the promise of unity, garnered 3.55%.

The parties also had their day in the sun, reflecting the diverse political ecosystem of Thailand:

  1. Move Forward led with a robust 48.45%,
  2. Pheu Thai, with roots deep in the heart of the nation, secured 22.10%,
  3. The voice of the undecided whispered at 12.75% under ‘No satisfactory choice’,
  4. United Thai Nation, steady in its resolve, claimed 5.10%,
  5. And the Democrat Party, with its rich history, held onto 3.50%.

This survey, much like a mirror held up to the society, reflected not just numbers, but the pulsating hopes, dreams, and desires of the Thai people. It told a story of shifting allegiances, emerging leaders, and the constant quest for governance that resonates with the soul of the nation. As Thailand marches towards its future, these findings serve as a compass, guiding the way through the intricate dance of democracy.


  1. BangkokSoul March 24, 2024

    It’s refreshing to see Pita leading in the polls. Thailand desperately needs a change from the traditional politics that have stifled innovation and growth. The Move Forward party represents the progressive step we need to address issues like education reform, technology, and climate change.

    • Traditionalist54 March 24, 2024

      I disagree. The experience and stability offered by established parties like Pheu Thai cannot be overlooked. Rapid changes might sound appealing, but they can lead to unforeseen consequences. We need leaders who understand the intricate balance of our nation’s politics and society.

      • BangkokSoul March 24, 2024

        While I understand the need for stability, history has shown us that staying in a comfort zone can hinder progress. Fresh ideas and new approaches are essential for addressing contemporary issues. It’s about finding the right balance between innovation and tradition.

    • TechTiger99 March 24, 2024

      Exactly! The world is moving fast, especially in tech and climate change. Thailand cannot afford to lag behind. We need leaders who think of the future, not just sticking to the old ways.

  2. SiamWatcher March 24, 2024

    Why do 20.05% of people feel there’s ‘No satisfied choice’? It’s concerning that such a large proportion of the electorate feel disillusioned with the available options. This disengagement could be dangerous for democracy.

    • OptimistPrime March 24, 2024

      That’s democracy for you. It’s rare to find a candidate that satisfies everyone. But the fact that people are expressing their dissatisfaction openly is a positive sign. It shows active engagement rather than apathy.

      • SiamWatcher March 24, 2024

        True, active engagement is vital. However, this could also indicate a deeper issue with the political system not offering enough varied, quality choices that resonate with the populace. There’s work to be done.

  3. GreenHeart March 24, 2024

    How does Move Forward plan to address environmental concerns? Their platform sounds promising, but I’m looking for concrete plans, not just promises. Climate change is a ticking time bomb, and our policies need to reflect that urgency.

    • Innovate_or_Die March 24, 2024

      From what I’ve seen, they’re advocating for a shift towards renewable energy and sustainable urban planning. It’s more forward-thinking than other parties, but I agree, they need to provide clear, actionable strategies.

  4. HistoryBuff March 24, 2024

    Everyone seems to be getting caught up in the moment. Remember, political parties can promise the world during campaigns, but delivering on those promises is a different ballgame. I’m cautiously optimistic but keeping my expectations realistic.

    • BangkokSoul March 24, 2024

      A fair point, HistoryBuff. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of potential change. Vigilance is key; we must hold whoever wins accountable to ensure promises become actions.

  5. TheCynic March 24, 2024

    Surveys like these are just snapshots. Don’t forget, a lot can change between now and election day. Who’s leading now might not be in the same position when it comes time to vote.

    • PollyAnna March 24, 2024

      Of course, things can change, but these results provide insight into current public sentiment. It’s about trends, and right now, the trend favors Move Forward. It speaks volumes about the nation’s mood.

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