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Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn Sparks Public Movement Against NACC Corruption in Landmark Petition

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Suspended deputy national police chief Pol Gen Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn has been a figure of considerable intrigue lately. On a brisk Tuesday morning, he made headlines by filing a petition with the House Speaker, imploring an inquiry into the suspiciously amassed wealth of a National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) member. This very member, whose identity remained shrouded in secrecy, also sits on the committee scrutinizing a money laundering case against Pol Gen Surachate himself. Quite the conundrum, isn’t it?

The petition, which boasted the impressive endorsement of 20,000 signatories, fervently requested the removal of the said NACC commissioner due to accusations of corruption and severe ethical breaches. “This marks a historical moment where constitutional rights are employed to challenge a state official from an independent organization,” declared Pol Gen Surachate with a palpable mix of gravity and pride.

Emphasizing that all signatures were authentic and devoid of personal vendettas, Pol Gen Surachate noted this movement as a watershed moment for Thailand, reflecting the potent collective will of the people. In a bold stroke of transparency and public involvement, he introduced “,” a newly launched website inviting the public to rally behind the cause and sign a petition to oust the embattled commissioner from the committee.

Flashback to April: Pol Gen Surachate had already lodged a formal objection with the NACC, opposing the presence of this particular commissioner on the 14-member panel investigating his money-laundering case. The seeds of this discord were sown when the commissioner accused Pol Gen Surachate of orchestrating complaints back in 2021, questioning his qualifications to serve as an NACC commissioner. The tension escalated when the commissioner allegedly threatened Pol Gen Surachate, remarking, “You should wish you don’t need my help in the future.” Such intriguing drama could rival any courtroom thriller!

Further adding to the intrigue, Pol Gen Surachate narrated incidents documenting the commissioner’s past inappropriate conduct, painting a picture of a man mired in controversy. The commissioner’s history, coupled with the current allegations, has placed him in a precarious position, igniting a fierce debate within the public sphere.

This story isn’t just about legal entanglements and investigations. It’s about the resilience of a nation striving for justice and transparency. It’s about ordinary people standing up against corruption, believing in the power of their signatures. And maybe, just maybe, it’s about ensuring that those in power are held accountable. As Thailand watches this high-stakes drama unfold, one thing is certain: the echoes of this case will resonate for years to come.


  1. Alice Smith June 18, 2024

    This is a landmark moment for Thailand. It’s about time someone stood up to the corruption within the NACC!

    • Jules June 18, 2024

      But can we really trust Pol Gen Surachate? He’s under investigation himself.

      • Alice Smith June 18, 2024

        True, but sometimes it takes someone on the inside to expose corruption. Can’t just dismiss it outright.

      • Samuel R. June 18, 2024

        Exactly. Even if Surachate’s motives are self-serving, the corrupt NACC member should still be exposed and dealt with.

    • richard88 June 18, 2024

      What if this is just a personal vendetta? The timing seems way too convenient.

      • Alice Smith June 18, 2024

        Even if it is, the petition was signed by 20,000 people. That’s not just one man’s vendetta.

  2. Nina T. June 18, 2024

    This seems like political theater more than anything else. Are we really going to get any real changes out of this?

    • Henry Davis June 18, 2024

      Political theater or not, it’s got people talking and that’s the first step to change.

  3. wkndwarrior June 18, 2024

    Pol Gen Surachate is just trying to shift the spotlight off his own legal issues. Classic diversion tactic.

    • Lara June 18, 2024

      Maybe, but does that mean we shouldn’t look into the NACC member’s suspicious wealth?

  4. Tanya June 18, 2024 is a genius move, leveraging technology to mobilize public opinion!

  5. Peter June 18, 2024

    What’s scary is the commissioner allegedly threatening Pol Gen Surachate. If true, that’s blatant abuse of power.

    • Sara_Bee June 18, 2024

      Totally agree! Shows just how deep the corruption goes.

    • Peter June 18, 2024

      The fact that this comes out now, after Surachate was suspended, is very telling.

    • lawstud92 June 18, 2024

      Such threats should be investigated independently. No one should be above the law!

  6. Alvin June 18, 2024

    It’s refreshing to see people actively fighting corruption. Hope this leads to real change.

  7. Lucia June 18, 2024

    I think we need more transparency in these investigations. The secrecy just breeds more distrust.

  8. Grower134 June 18, 2024

    20,000 signatures is impressive, but will it be enough to take down someone with so much power?

  9. natalia.k June 19, 2024

    It’s quite concerning that an NACC member would have suspicious wealth. Aren’t they supposed to be the watchdogs?

  10. David Chen June 19, 2024

    If nothing else, this highlights the flaws in our anti-corruption agencies. They need serious reform.

    • Jessica June 19, 2024

      Totally agree. No point having watchdogs if they are corrupt themselves.

    • David Chen June 19, 2024

      The system clearly needs an overhaul. We should start with independent audits.

  11. QuickAsian June 19, 2024

    I’m skeptical. How do we verify all 20,000 signatures are genuine?

    • Rob B. June 19, 2024

      Surachate claims they are. We need to demand transparency here too.

  12. Martin June 19, 2024

    Will the government actually take action, or is this just another media circus?

    • Libby June 19, 2024

      Public pressure is mounting. They can’t ignore this forever.

  13. TheRealMcCoy June 19, 2024

    This just shows that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  14. Lily June 19, 2024

    While the NACC is under scrutiny, we shouldn’t lose sight of the allegations against Surachate too.

  15. techfan64 June 19, 2024

    Interesting how he’s using a website to gather signatures. Technology can really empower the people!

  16. Sammy_J June 19, 2024

    I’m just here for the drama. Feels like a real-life soap opera.

    • Lamont June 19, 2024

      True, but remember real lives and jobs are at stake here.

  17. AnalyticalAnna June 19, 2024

    Could this be the beginning of a new, more transparent era in Thai politics?

  18. BigBoss June 19, 2024

    All this noise, yet nothing ever changes. Pessimism rules.

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