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Pol Lt Gen Saksira Phuek-am’s Crusade: Eliminating Tourist Scams in Pattaya with Global Cooperation

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PATTAYA — In a concerted effort to rid the city of unscrupulous activities, the Tourist Police Bureau is joining forces with embassies from five different countries to tackle tourist scams and criminal groups in Pattaya. Pol Lt Gen Saksira Phuek-am, the bureau commissioner, spearheaded a pivotal meeting on Thursday. The objective? To strategize and outline guidelines ensuring the safety and enjoyment of tourists flocking to this bustling resort city in Chon Buri. The meeting saw active participation from representatives of South Korea, Ukraine, Russia, India, and Switzerland’s embassies.

Addressing the attendees, Pol Lt Gen Saksira emphasized the crackdown on tourist scams, specifically targeting deceitful or subpar tour guides and the unfair sale of goods and services. Initiated on June 19, these heightened operations are set to continue until June 25. The move underscores a broad coalition of efforts aiming to restore and bolster tourists’ confidence in visiting Pattaya.

Taking a proactive stance, Pol Lt Gen Saksira dedicated time to inspect the famed Walking Street, engaging with officers on duty. He tasked them with targeting and arresting members of 10 identified criminal groups known to have operations in Pattaya. His hands-on approach is indicative of a broader commitment to curbing illicit activities and enhancing the security landscape for tourists.

Adding significant weight to these initiatives, none other than Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin is slated to visit Chon Buri on Saturday. His mission: to gain an on-the-ground perspective on the tourist dynamics affecting the area. The visit includes an exciting prospect — a tour of a proposed Formula One race track site near Khao Phra Tamnak in Bang Lamung district. Mr. Srettha recently engaged in discussions with Formula One organizers in Italy, exploring Thailand’s potential inclusion in the race calendar, a move that could turbocharge the nation’s tourism appeal.

The Prime Minister’s itinerary extends into Sunday with a visit to U-Tapao Airport in Rayong. Here, he’ll deliberate on development plans poised to enhance the airport’s capacity and role, paving the way for increased investment within the Eastern Economic Corridor. This visit is a testament to the interlinked vision of tourism and economic development that the administration is keenly pursuing.

In summation, Pattaya is on the brink of significant transformation, with multi-faceted initiatives aimed at ensuring the city offers not only the vibrant and dynamic experience it’s known for but also a safe and scam-free environment. With coordinated efforts from the Tourist Police Bureau and an assertive stance from high-level government officials, the future for tourists in Pattaya looks increasingly secure and full of promise.


  1. Jonas T. June 21, 2024

    Finally, some real action against these scams! It’s about time someone did something about it.

    • Ana Wells June 21, 2024

      It’s a good step, but I’m skeptical. These scams have been around for years.

      • Jonas T. June 21, 2024

        Sure, but with international cooperation, maybe we can actually see real change this time.

      • Skeptical Sam June 21, 2024

        International cooperation doesn’t guarantee results. They just want good PR.

    • Rick June 21, 2024

      International cooperation might actually bring more clout. When other countries are involved, things might change faster.

  2. SunnyDaze789 June 21, 2024

    Walking Street has always been notorious, good that Pol Lt Gen Saksira is hands-on.

    • NightCrawler June 21, 2024

      Walking Street needs more than just a few cops. It’s a den of everything illegal.

    • TouristTom June 21, 2024

      Visited Pattaya last year; got scammed myself. It’s great to hear about these efforts.

  3. PragmaticPooja June 21, 2024

    And what about the local tourists? They get scammed too. Is there any specific measure for them?

    • LocalLisa June 21, 2024

      Good point. Pattaya isn’t just for foreigners. Locals deserve protection too.

    • Victoria3 June 21, 2024

      Always seems like the focus is on foreign tourists. Locals are overlooked.

  4. TravelBuff June 21, 2024

    Formula One race in Thailand? That’s a game-changer for tourism!

    • SportySam June 21, 2024

      Absolutely! The tourism boost from a Formula One race would be massive.

    • carenthusiast87 June 21, 2024

      I doubt it will actually happen. They’ve been talking about it for years.

    • TravelBuff June 21, 2024

      With the PM involved, things might actually move forward this time.

  5. CriticalChris June 21, 2024

    This all sounds like a PR stunt. We need long-term solutions, not just week-long operations.

  6. GlobalNomad June 21, 2024

    Nice to hear multiple countries are getting involved. Strength in numbers!

    • JetSetter June 21, 2024

      Definitely, but will these countries maintain their support long-term?

    • BackpackerBen June 21, 2024

      Yeah, they often start strong but fade away as soon as the headlines change.

  7. Ubivisitor June 21, 2024

    What about the environmental implications of increased tourism? Any plans there?

    • NatureNancy June 21, 2024

      I agree. Focus on sustainability should be as strong as on security.

  8. Ravi Patel June 21, 2024

    Will these new developments price out local businesses and residents?

  9. EagerBeaver June 21, 2024

    Keeping tourists safe should be the top priority. It’s good for everyone.

    • RealistRon June 21, 2024

      But without focusing on local issues too, it’s just a band-aid solution.

    • SophistSarah June 21, 2024

      True, but maybe starting with tourists can set a precedent for broader changes.

  10. HistoricalHank June 21, 2024

    Tourist scams tarnish the rich history and culture of places like Pattaya. Hope this initiative works.

  11. jen567 June 21, 2024

    How will these changes affect the employees in these scam businesses?

    • WorkforceWanda June 21, 2024

      They need alternative job opportunities or training. Otherwise, it’s just pushing the problem elsewhere.

  12. CuriousCarl June 21, 2024

    Is there any data on how effective past initiatives by the Tourist Police Bureau have been?

  13. JohnDoe123 June 21, 2024

    Scams happen everywhere, not just in Pattaya. Why single it out?

    • InsightfulIvy June 21, 2024

      Pattaya’s reputation is particularly bad. Tourists are often warned about it specifically.

    • Samantha Lee June 21, 2024

      Because it’s a major tourist hub, fixing it can set a standard for other places.

    • JohnDoe123 June 21, 2024

      I see your point. Hopefully, it becomes a positive example for other destinations.

  14. DebateDave June 21, 2024

    I’m not convinced these plans will do much. They need to root out corruption within the police first.

    • TruthTrekker June 21, 2024

      Absolutely. Without addressing internal corruption, it’s all just surface-level fixes.

    • PollyAnn June 21, 2024

      Maybe this is a start? Internal reform is harder but at least they’re doing something.

  15. TechTraveler June 21, 2024

    Why not use technology to prevent scams? Apps or websites can alert tourists to common tricks.

    • CodeWizard June 21, 2024

      Great idea! A dedicated app with real-time reports from tourists could be a game-changer.

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