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Pol Maj Gen Prattana Phaenpha Shaken by Nonthaburi Casino Raid: A Riveting Tale of Law’s Limits

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In an astonishing twist that reads more like a plot from a high-stakes thriller than a news report, the usually quiet streets of Nonthaburi witnessed a tale of cops, casinos, and consequences that could rival any Hollywood script. At the heart of this story is none other than Pol Maj Gen Prattana Phaenpha, the Nonthaburi Provincial Police chief, who found himself in the eye of the storm, or more precisely, transferred to an inactive post at the bustling Royal Thai Police (RTP) headquarters. The cause? A vast illegal casino flourishing right under his watch.

This surprising turn of events unfolded after a decisive raid on Wednesday targeting a known gambling den situated within the shadowy confines of the Phra Pin 3 housing estate in the scenic tambon Bang Mae Nang of the seemingly tranquil Bang Yai district. It was a scene straight out of an action-packed blockbuster as the officers swooped in, revealing not just any ordinary gambling operation but a colossal setup featuring air-conditioned pleasure zones, exclusive VIP areas, and an elaborate security network of about 60 surveillance cameras keeping a vigilant eye. It seemed the casino was not just content with its current state of affairs, as evident by signs of ongoing expansion efforts, hinting at ambitions that knew no bounds.

Pol Lt Gen Akkaradet Phimonsri, assistant to the national police chief, shared that the bold decision to reassign Pol Maj Gen Prattana came in the wake of this dramatic crackdown. The verdict was delivered after a tension-filled meeting chaired by the formidable acting national police chief, Pol Gen Kittirat Phanphet. The assembled minds agreed that when it came to illegal gambling dens, responsibility must be accounted for, and a clear line of accountability was drawn in the sand. It was decreed that the discovery of a gambling den by a team of provincial officials, rather than police, would trigger a chain of consequences. A mere 20 gamblers would see a police station’s superintendent reassigned, over 50 and the district commander would be in hot water, but surpass 100, and a provincial police chief would find themselves under the microscope. With over 300 gamblers apprehended in the recent operation, the scales of justice tipped, and Pol Maj Gen Prattana was propelled into the limelight, awaiting investigation.

The scale of the operation was staggering, with officials seizing gambling chips valued at a jaw-dropping 50 million baht strewn across tables, and an additional 10 million baht in cash tucked away in a wall safe – a discovery that would make any seasoned treasure hunter’s heart skip a beat. It was a high-stakes game with high rewards, but the house’s luck had run out.

Now, with around 328 alleged gamblers caught in the act now gearing up to face the music, the plot thickens. Among them, the shadowy figure believed to be the mastermind behind this den of dice and deceit staunchly denies all charges. As the story unfolds, one thing is crystal clear: the tranquil streets of Nonthaburi have proven, yet again, that they can hold secrets and surprises that could outshine even the most extravagant of fictional tales.

As the curtains close on this chapter of Nonthaburi’s underworld, one can’t help but wonder what ripples this high-profile shakeup will send through the corridors of power. Yet, life in the RTP marches steadily on, a stoic reminder that in the game of law and order, sometimes reality can indeed be stranger — and more thrilling — than fiction.


  1. truthseeker22 March 22, 2024

    Every time I read something like this, I can’t help but think about the bigger picture. How many more are operating out of sight? This raid barely scratches the surface of a much larger issue.

    • JaneD March 22, 2024

      I get your point, but don’t you think it’s a bit too cynical to assume that this one bust means there’s a never-ending well of corruption? Maybe it’s an isolated case.

      • Max33 March 22, 2024

        Isolated? You’re living in a dream if you think this doesn’t point to a systemic problem. This ‘isolated case’ narrative is what keeps these operations running.

      • truthseeker22 March 22, 2024

        Exactly, Max33! JaneD, it’s not about being cynical; it’s about being realistic. These aren’t one-offs; they’re symptoms of a larger disease.

    • Larry Davis March 22, 2024

      Interesting debate here. Both points have their merit, but isn’t it also possible that the very occurrence of such a raid shows law enforcement is working as it should?

      • truthseeker22 March 22, 2024

        You might see it as law enforcement ‘working,’ but I see it as too little, too late. The damage has been done, and the response is reactive rather than proactive.

  2. NonthaburiNative March 22, 2024

    As someone from Nonthaburi, this raid is shocking but also brings a sense of relief. Our peaceful community has no place for such illegal operations. Kudos to the police for finally taking action.

    • gambleguru March 22, 2024

      Relief? This operation likely took months, if not years, to reach this scale. Where were the police all this time? This ‘action’ is too late to celebrate.

      • NonthaburiNative March 23, 2024

        Perhaps, but better late than never. It’s the start of cleaning up our streets and restoring our community’s image. We have to start somewhere.

  3. ethics_first March 22, 2024

    The big question remains: how did this casino operate on such a scale without anyone noticing? It’s hard to believe that this was going on without some level of protection or ignorance from the authorities.

  4. DaringExplorer5 March 22, 2024

    50 million baht in chips and 10 million in cash? That’s a staggering amount of money. It’s fascinating yet horrifying to see the scale of illegal gambling operations.

    • Marty McFly March 23, 2024

      Fascinating? It’s criminal! Imagine all the societal harm caused by these operations. Addiction, debt, potential ties to organized crime… nothing fascinating about that.

      • DaringExplorer5 March 23, 2024

        I didn’t mean to glorify it; I’m just taken aback by the audacity and scale. But you’re right about the societal implications. It’s a sad reality.

  5. JustMy2Cents March 22, 2024

    What about the people who got caught gambling there? The focus seems to be on the police chief and the mastermind, but these gamblers are also part of the problem. They fuel the demand.

  6. reality_check March 23, 2024

    It’s all about power and money, folks. The people running these casinos know exactly what they’re doing, and they wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t lucrative. This raid might slow them down, but I doubt it’s the end.

    • optimist_prime March 23, 2024

      You’re probably right, but every raid like this is a step in the right direction. It sends a message and hopefully deters future operations.

      • reality_check March 23, 2024

        I hope you’re right, optimist_prime. However, history has shown us that for every illegal operation taken down, another finds a way to rise. It’s a never-ending cycle.

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