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Power Struggle Showdown: Pheu Thai Supporters Demand Party Step Back – Government Formation on the Brink!

On Sunday, a group of Pheu Thai Party supporters encouraged the party to allow the Move Forward Party to attempt forming a coalition government without its assistance. Clad in red, these supporters appeared at Pheu Thai’s headquarters to voice their opinions about the “disrespect” shown towards their party in the government formation process. Pheu Thai’s leader said he would take the group’s opinion into account.

Niyom Nopparat led the group of Pheu Thai supporters, stating that they wanted their party to step back from the Move Forward Party’s efforts to form a coalition government because Pheu Thai had been treated with disrespect. Niyom Nopparat said, “The Pheu Thai fanclub wants to urge parties to think carefully if a government can be formed without the Pheu Thai Party.”

This appeal comes amidst a disagreement between Pheu Thai and Move Forward over the House Speaker’s position. The supporters’ statement suggested that Pheu Thai should let Move Forward, as the election winner, try to form a government first. If Move Forward fails, Pheu Thai, which secured the second most House seats, would then take its turn to form a coalition government.

Cholnan Srikaew, the leader of Pheu Thai, responded by stating that the party would carefully consider the group’s proposal. He stressed the importance of listening to opinions from all parties, especially supporters who hold great value for the Pheu Thai Party.

Cholnan mentioned that on Tuesday, Move Forward would be meeting with coalition allies to discuss and hopefully agree on the House Speaker’s identity. He emphasized the need to find the best conditions for collaboration between the parties and acknowledged the necessity for compromise. “There must be give and take. There cannot be a total winner or loser. Then everyone will be happy,” Cholnan said.

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