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Prepare to Step on the Scales: The Shocking New Rule of Bangkok Airways – Every Gram Counts!

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With an intent to streamline flight operations in the name of safety and fuel economy, Bangkok Airways, a leading airline based out of Thailand, is contemplating introducing a revolutionary practice followed by several international airlines. This practice of weighing passengers before they assume their seats on the flight has been devised in an attempt to standardize passenger weight for more efficient load calculation.

This trend was initiated by major global airlines such as Korean Air and Air New Zealand on September 16. The primary motive behind this move is to accurately calculate standard passenger weight and present the aviation industry with average figures that help in the precise calculation of aircraft weight distribution. This, in return, assists in cutting down on fuel consumption, impacting the environment positively.

Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited is now endeavoring to become another member of this innovative weight-watching club. By doing so, it hopes to use the standardized average weight data aiding accurate determination of the combined weight of passengers and their carry-on luggage.

Historically passenger weighing has never been a prerequisite. While manually checking in bags at the counter for weight verification is routine, and weight limits set for carry-on luggage have been in place for quite some time, factoring in passenger weight individually for calculating the total flight weight is rather new.

Bangkok Airways is primarily focusing on ensuring each flight operates within the bounds defined by the aircraft’s maximum take-off weight. This safety measure that some passengers perceive as an invasion of privacy is being promoted from September 15 to October 31.

During this time Bangkok Airways will be seeking official authorization to conduct passenger and carry-on luggage weighing at the boarding gate area. The airline at this juncture earnestly requests the understanding and cooperation of all passengers for this ground-breaking endeavor.

However, passengers can rest assured. Bangkok Airways promises that the recorded weight of passengers and their carry-on luggage will be strictly confidential. They reiterate that the collected data will only be used for fine-tuning their average weight calculations.

In conclusion, Bangkok Airways reiterates its commitment to preserving the privacy and confidentiality of the information obtained and assures it will be used exclusively for enhancing the precision and reliability of flight operations. They look forward to the active support and collaboration from their passengers as they strive to change how the aviation industry works.

Before we wrap up, it seems that a pre-flight workout might just become the next travel trend amongst flyers! Stay tuned with The Thaiger for more engrossing updates that keep you ahead of the curve. You can follow our latest stories on our new Facebook page, available HERE.

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