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Promise Pandemonium: Unprecedented Pledges by Thai Coalition Government – Can They Deliver?

As the Move Forward Party and Pheu Thai Party are set to form a coalition government in Thailand, taking nearly 60% of the House’s seats, prominent economist Assoc Prof Piti Srisangna of Chulalongkorn University reminds them to fulfill their extensive list of promises. These two parties have pledged various benefits for the Thai people during their election campaigns, which Piti will be closely monitoring.

Director of the International Economics Centre, Assoc Prof Piti Srisangna, shares the major commitments the parties have made on his personal Facebook wall, outlining what the Thai citizens can expect from the upcoming coalition government:

  • The immediate rise of the minimum wage to 450 baht per day, with yearly increments reaching 600 baht per day by 2027.
  • A starting salary of 25,000 baht per month for university graduates and the creation of one million new jobs for Thai citizens.
  • An increase in farmers’ yearly incomes by 30,000 baht, debt repayment relief for three years, and a threefold income increase within four years.
  • The abolition of conscription, with a reduced military budget but stronger and more modern armed forces under civilian control.
  • A monthly allowance of 1,200 baht for young children and 3,000 baht for the elderly.

Apart from the above, the two parties have also promised improvements in various sectors, such as education, infrastructure, technology, and social welfare, involving measures such as:

  • Extended maternity leave, free classes for students, and scholarships for each district to study abroad.
  • Distribution of land to landless farmers and a new Constitution with amended Article 112 of the Criminal Code.
  • Implementation of blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies to combat corruption and overhaul the Royal Thai Police.
  • Subsidizing public transport fares, improving tap water quality, and allowing citizens to produce and sell their own local liquor.
  • Clearing the air of PM2.5 dust and providing free annual medical check-ups, including tests for six types of cancer.
  • Elected provincial governors with an additional 20-million-baht development budget each year, and Thai passports allowing for visa-free entry to all countries worldwide.

Moreover, the parties have committed to providing support for small and medium-sized enterprises through funding, with 200,000 businesses receiving 100,000 baht each year and 25,000 SMEs receiving one million baht annually. Interestingly, both parties have claimed that they have the means to finance these projects without increasing the income tax.

In conclusion, Assoc Prof Piti Srisangna emphasizes the importance of fulfilling these promises for the development of Thailand and the well-being of its citizens. As the two main parties prepare to form the next coalition government, the nation will be watching and waiting to see how their ambitious plans materialize.

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