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Response from the Royal Thai Navy to Koh Samae San’s ban on bikinis

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The sign that raised eyebrows was photographed and uploaded on Facebook, where it quickly gained popularity. Thailand is well-known for its stunning beaches, and the island of Ko Samae San in the province of Chon Buri is a tropical paradise jewel with stunning marine reserves and beaches to unwind on. Tourists from abroad and locally began to inquire as to why they were not permitted to enjoy the beaches while wearing bikinis.

According to a Navy official, the island is intended for eco- and conservational tourism rather than for typical beachgoers to enjoy themselves carefree. So, a “No Bikini” sign was posted on the beach. Please respect our way of life. The island is looked after by the Royal Navy, which is committed to keeping it a popular spot for ecotourism. However, the Royal Thai Navy recently generated controversy when a picture of a sign prohibiting bikinis on the beaches of Ko Samae San went popular on Facebook. The Navy is currently replacing all the signs with new ones that encourage wearing more conservative beachwear rather than appearing to forbid bikinis. A Navy spokeswoman had to comment because the image’s publication received so much attention. Bikinis, according to them, are inappropriate for the more modest Thai culture, and the island ought to maintain its original character rather than draw more obtrusive forms of tourism, they felt. The Navy eventually conceded, claiming that there was no formal prohibition on bikinis on the island’s beaches and that the banners were just intended to encourage people to be more modest and respectful of Thai culture by considering wearing other clothing when swimming there. In an effort to further deter noisy tourists and prevent Ko Samae San from becoming into a party beach destination, the spokesman emphasized that they do not permit drinking on the beach or any loud parties or gatherings.

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