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Revolutionary Food Valley Project: Shocking Plan to Transform Saraburi’s Future – Inside the Stunning Master Plan!

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Leading the way for innovation in agriculture, the Saraburi City Development Co Ltd’s latest brainchild, the highly anticipated Saraburi Food Valley project, is setting things into motion. Noppadol Thamwiwat, chief of research at the company recently divulged various details in an interview, highlighting the support and involvement they’ve garnered from the renowned Program Management Unit on Area-Based Development (PMUA) and the provincial administration in the execution of this ground-breaking project.

The pivotal role of PMUA’s affiliation to the Office of the National Higher Education Science Research and Innovation Policy Council (NXPO) cannot be overstated. NXPO, an autonomous public organization, is a key player linked with the Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation Ministry.

According to Noppadol, the project is currently in an embryonic phase. Initial steps are aimed at drawing up tangible future plans after which 30 key stakeholders, encompassing adventurous food-processing entrepreneurs and farmers interested in embracing smart farming techniques, will be chosen for the project launch.

The future vision includes securing a massive production site, approximately 5,000-rai, advantageously connected to a state-of-the-art transportation network located near a water reserve. New provincial legislation will be introduced and reformed to incentivize investors, as stated by Noppadol, which would greatly benefit the project.

The crux of the initiative is to safeguard Saraburi farmers, facilitating them to sell their produce at just prices. The grumbling of these farmers about not benefiting monetarily from their products led to the selection of Saraburi for this smart food valley project.

Chulalongkorn University’s presence in Kaeng Khoi district is a bonus, as they are set to impart valuable farming knowledge to local farmers. The Saraburi Food Valley project was included as an integral component of the agricultural development plan by the Saraburi provincial administration and received a warm welcome from the Saraburi Chamber of Commerce, the provincial industrial council, the provincial bankers club and municipalities in Muang and Kaeng Khoi districts.

Chosen for its strategic location and agricultural diversity, Saraburi is poised to prosper from this project. Being a railway hub, it offers excellent transport network while its rich agricultural scenario boasts a wide range of produce including, rice, corn, sugarcane, tapioca, various vegetables and fruits as well as dairy cows and chickens. These agricultural products will serve as the springboard for the food processing industry in the region.

In an attempt to promote sustainability, the project is slated to be run on a zero-emissions system. The ulterior motive here is to attract Saraburi natives to return home, coming full circle in the development plan meticulously outlined for this endeavour, shared Noppadol. The promise of transforming the farming scenario holds a bright future for Saraburi, further fueling the flame of hope and positivity in the local community’s hearts.

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