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Ruthless Execution in a Regale: Thailand’s Dinner Party Turned Nightmare! The Unthinkable Secrets Exposed!

An aura of suspicion was cast upon a prominent personality, Praween Chankhlai, famously known as Kamnan Nok, when a shocking incident occurred at his residence in the Muang district of Nakhon Pathom. The alleged commander of a sub-district was detained under suspicion of orchestrating a murder. The victim of this brutal crime was a dedicated highway police officer, ruthlessly cut down in his prime amidst a jubilant party in Kamnan Nok’s compound. Numerous police officers were in attendance at the unfortunate event, thereby escalating the magnitude of the incident.

Transpired information has divulged that 28 police officers, initially expected to be 26, were present at the murder scene. This revelation was made public by Deputy National Police Chief, Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn. The chivalrous victim, identified as Pol Maj Siwakorn Saibua, was the guest of honor at the fateful dinner party. Amid the festivities, the night took an unexpected downturn when an anonymous shooter fired multiple shots at the unsuspecting Pol Maj Siwakorn Saibua, resulting in his instantaneous death.

In the chaotic aftermath of the tragedy, the group of on-site policemen dispersed into three factions. The first constituted those who tried to provide immediate assistance to the critically injured officer and his boss, while another purportedly facilitated suspects in the gruesome incident. The third faction, stunned and scared, fled the scene without delay. However, Pol Gen Surachate clarified that the police officer’s assistance did not guarantee their innocence. He insisted on thorough probing to ascertain the number of officers present at the hospital, stating severe repercussions for any false testimonies put forward.

Apart from the implicated police officers, law enforcement also apprehended five civilians prime suspect to tampering with evidence. One of the culprits allegedly disposed of two CCTV servers into the water, presumably to eliminate any recorded evidence. Another suspect was charged with hiding the murder weapon, and three individuals were collared with attempting to eradicate evidence by eradicating the blood stains and hiding spent bullet cartridges.

The Senior Police representatives stated that extracting data from the discarded CCTV servers might take around three days, but they remain hopeful of obtaining essential leads from the same.

In a tangential crown of thorns, it has surfaced that Kamnan Nok owned and operated two thriving construction companies, ostensibly basking in the success of winning bids for over a thousand projects from 2015 to 2022. These projects amassed a staggering total of about 3.5 billion baht. The Acting Commander of Highway Police has initiated a probe into these financial dealings with a focus on the vehicle fleet.

The slain Police Maj Siwakorn had an uncompromising stance on truck overloading, much to the Elder Statesman’s dismay. During the aforementioned party, Siwakorn was pressurized into facilitating the transfer of Kamnan Nok’s nephew to a desired police post, which he declined vehemently. This alleged refusal is considered the motive that led to the execution-style killing of the police officer.

The investigation continues, as the police force vows to deliver justice for their fallen comrade. Numerous financial inquiries have been instigated simultaneously, including investigations by the Revenue Department, into the suspects’ businesses and financial transactions associated with the case.

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