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SCG’s Surachai Nimlaor Champions Eco-Friendly Cement: Pioneering Thailand’s Sustainable Construction Revolution

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Imagine a world where the ground beneath our feet – the very foundation of our civilization – is not just a silent witness to progress but an active participant in safeguarding our planet. This isn’t a mere daydream; it’s the vision that Surachai Nimlaor, the pioneering president of SCG’s Cement and Green Solutions department, and his team are turning into reality. Their mission? To revolutionize the cement industry by introducing an eco-friendly yet high-performance product that not only meets diverse customer needs but also cherishes our natural resources and takes a bold step towards a more sustainable world.

SCG isn’t just another name in the sea of cement manufacturers in Thailand; it stands tall as a beacon of sustainability, being the first in the country to earn accolades for its green initiatives. The heart of their breakthrough lies in the development of a revolutionary low-carbon cement. But don’t let the ‘low-carbon’ label fool you. This cement is not only about minimizing environmental footprints; it’s about setting new benchmarks in strength and durability, rivaling, and often surpassing, traditional Portland cement. SCG’s creation is a testament to the company’s ethos: excellence and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.

In a world where phrases like ‘clean energy’ and ‘sustainability’ often hover in the realm of wishful thinking, SCG is making tangible strides. Rethinking and refining their manufacturing processes have allowed them to harness clean energy sources and creatively utilize waste heat generated during production. This innovative approach has yielded a whopping 38% drop in energy consumption. Moreover, by tweaking the proportions of raw materials, SCG has taken yet another stride in slashing carbon emissions – showcasing not just a commitment to the environment but a mastery of sustainable manufacturing.

Surachai Nimlaor paints the picture of an industry at a crossroads, traditionally energy-intensive and a significant emitter of carbon dioxide. Yet, under his guidance, SCG refused to accept this as an immutable truth. “It was clear that we had a monumental task at hand. We needed to fundamentally change how we produce cement,” Surachai reflects. With the initial forays into low-carbon cement, SCG has already cut emissions by an impressive 15 to 20%. But they’re not stopping there. Surachai is looking towards the horizon, aiming to halve carbon emissions in the future. It’s a bold ambition, yet with SCG’s track record, it appears entirely within reach.

While the use of low-carbon cement currently stands at 70% in Thailand, SCG’s sights are set on reaching the 100% mark. Achieving such a feat is not about the triumph of a single entity but exemplifies the power of collective action. “This journey has been a testament to the strength that lies in unity. From manufacturers and entrepreneurs to users, policymakers, and government bodies – it’s a symphony of diverse stakeholders working in harmony,” Surachai muses. Over the years, SCG has not only been a catalyst for change within the industry but has also fostered a culture of cooperation and shared learning, proving that the path to sustainability is one best traveled together.

In the words of Surachai, the SCG journey has been one of challenges and rewards, a journey of reshaping not just a company but an entire industry’s relationship with our planet. It’s a narrative of innovation, responsibility, and hope. As SCG continues to pave the way for a greener future, one can’t help but feel that with each bag of their low-carbon cement, we’re not just building structures but a better world for generations to come.


  1. GreenTechie2030 April 2, 2024

    It’s refreshing to see major companies like SCG taking such bold steps towards sustainability. The idea of low-carbon cement could really be a game-changer for the construction industry worldwide.

    • Skeptic101 April 2, 2024

      Sounds good on paper, but how viable is this really? Reducing carbon emissions is important, but I wonder about the cost implications and whether this is just greenwashing.

      • GreenTechie2030 April 2, 2024

        It’s not just about cost but investing in our future. And it’s not greenwashing; SCG has concrete results to show. A 38% drop in energy consumption is significant and shows commitment.

      • EcoWarriorX April 2, 2024

        Exactly! It’s an investment in sustainability. Plus, the drop in energy consumption means it’s likely saving money in the long run. It’s about the bigger picture.

    • BuilderBob April 2, 2024

      As a contractor, I’m curious about the strength and durability compared to traditional cement. If it holds up, I’m all for it!

      • GreenTechie2030 April 2, 2024

        They claim it rivals, even surpasses, traditional Portland cement in strength and durability. Seems like a win-win for both the environment and the construction quality.

        • Htuvas Nnovas April 14, 2024

          Rome had Ancient cement and it’s still standing strong against the times. I’m sure that modern innovations along with ancient methods will reconnect us to a Sustainable and carbon friendly planet and that SCG will help too combat Climate control Burning Season will be better in the future potentially even non existent with proper carbon credit initiatives to reward farmers to compost moisten and plow the soil instead of burn. Maybe even a solar donated plower to locals to share who can’t afford it.

          Happy Song Kran Kup🙏

  2. JaneDoe123 April 2, 2024

    While it’s great to see innovation, why did it take so long for the cement industry to start thinking about sustainability? We’ve been talking about climate change for decades!

    • RealistRich April 2, 2024

      Better late than never, right? The cement industry has been one of the biggest polluters. It’s a big step in the right direction.

      • ActivistMike April 2, 2024

        I agree it’s a positive step, but let’s not pat them on the back too hard. Companies only change when their bottom line is affected. Public pressure works!

  3. EcoVegan April 2, 2024

    It’s incredible to see SCG aiming to cut carbon emissions by half in the future. They’re setting a strong example for other companies to follow.

    • ClimateSkeptic April 2, 2024

      Cutting emissions is fine, but how much is it going to cost us? These eco-friendly alternatives always seem to end up costing the consumer more.

      • EcoVegan April 2, 2024

        It’s a matter of prioritizing our planet over short-term costs. Besides, the long-term savings and environmental benefits outweigh the initial expenses.

      • TechGuru88 April 2, 2024

        Also, as technology advances and becomes more widespread, costs typically go down. Early adoption might be pricey, but it sets the stage for cheaper, sustainable solutions.

  4. FutureThinker April 2, 2024

    This is the kind of innovation we need to fight climate change. SCG is proving that industries can evolve and adopt sustainable practices without sacrificing performance.

    • OldSchoolJoe April 2, 2024

      I’m all for fighting climate change, but I’ve seen too many ‘innovations’ come and go. How do we know this isn’t just another fad?

      • InnovatorLiz April 2, 2024

        It’s about the impact and the commitment from the company. SCG has shown tangible results and a clear plan for further reductions. It’s more than just a fad; it’s a necessary evolution.

  5. NatureLover April 2, 2024

    The part about utilizing waste heat generated during production is brilliant. It shows you can always find ways to be more efficient and eco-friendly if you try.

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