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Secretive Super-Coalition Unveiled: Thai Parties Unite to Tackle National Crisis – Power and Policies Hang in the Balance!

A new coalition of eight Thai political parties has come together to make a stand on important national issues and support the transition of power. During discussions at the Prachachat Party headquarters in Bangkok, the group resolved to create a coordinating committee in the midst of the transitional period, as well as seven working groups to tackle vital topics that affect the nation.

Both the House speaker position and the allocation of cabinet positions, which are the subject of much speculation, were set aside and will be addressed separately. Pita Limjaroenrat, leader of the Move Forward party, reassured attendees that the speaker issue will not interfere with government formation. Prime ministerial finalist Mr. Pita added that government agencies have already been in touch with the Move Forward party to explore concerns regarding the incoming administration.

Representing the coalition’s concerted effort to find solutions and establish policies, the seven working groups will address problems covering various areas, including electricity bills, energy and diesel fuel, El Niño-induced drought, ongoing unrest in southern Thailand, amendments to the constitution, environmental concerns, small and medium-sized enterprises, and economic issues, and narcotics suppression.

The coalition aims to conduct their work efficiently while keeping the public in mind, focusing on people-centered policies and adopting a collaborative approach as they continue discussions with the eight represented parties. The Election Commission (EC) is yet to endorse all MPs-elect, and Mr. Pita expressed the hope that the process would be expedited to enable the establishment of a new government and fast action on critical matters.

Pheu Thai leader Cholnan Srikaew reinforced the coalition’s support for the May 22 memorandum of understanding (MoU) and said ministerial appointments would be fairly delegated according to individual expertise and the specific assignment. Addressing the murmurs of alternative coalitions, Cholnan Srikaew emphatically dissolved any insinuations, affirming the group’s commitment to working together for the long term to create a government that genuinely represents the people’s interests.

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