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SEPO’s Fiscal Triumph: Tibordee Wattanakul Announces 6.78 Billion Baht Surplus

Welcome to the exhilarating world of fiscal triumphs, where numbers leap beyond the ordinary thresholds and ambition becomes reality! Embrace yourself for a tale of financial prowess where the State Enterprise Policy Office (SEPO) emerges not just triumphant, but spectacularly ahead of the curve. When the revered SEPO director-general, the astute Mr. Tibordee Wattanakul, took to the stage on a sunny Monday, it was with a twinkle in his eye and a news that would make fiscal conservatives swoon – revenue had not just met, but exceeded its target by a jaw-dropping 6.78 billion baht!

Let’s dive into this ocean of numbers, shall we? SEPO’s crystal ball foretells that the total revenue from the titans of state enterprises for the fiscal year 2024 is anticipated to swell to an astounding 175 billion baht. And guess what? By the end of the first quarter, the coffers were already bulging with 36% of the year’s golden goal. Spectacular, isn’t it?

Where did this torrent of bahts come from, you ask? The answer lies in the diverse portfolio of state-owned enterprises along with an enchanting mix of companies where the Finance Ministry’s magical grip holds less than the controlling 50% of shares. This coalition of fiscal contributors forms the backbone of this revenue extravaganza.

Roll out the red carpet for our first-quarter fiscal heroes, the top 10 gladiators, who gallantly filled the government’s treasure chest:

  • The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand dazzled with a thunderous contribution of 16.84 billion baht, electrifying the scene with its energy.
  • The Government Savings Bank, with its tower of 13.14 billion baht, assured us that our piggy banks are in steadfast hands.
  • PTT Public Company Limited, the titan of oil and gas, fueled the engine of economy with a robust 11.67 billion baht.
  • Government Lottery Office, the dream weavers of fortune, showered good luck with 10.84 billion baht.
  • Government Housing Bank lent a solid foundation with 5.27 billion baht, building dreams one home at a time.
  • The venerable Port Authority of Thailand, with 2.36 billion baht, ensured that commerce sailed smoothly across the seas.
  • Provincial Electricity Authority, the sentinels of local power supply, illuminated lives with 1.46 billion baht.
  • The vibrant Metropolitan Electricity Authority buzzed and flickered a cool billion into the mix, brightening the cityscapes.
  • Provincial Waterworks Authority, the guardians of our water taps, poured in 300 million baht, one drop at a time.
  • And last but not least, the Export-Import Bank of Thailand, the enablers of global trade, added a significant 31 million baht to the prosperity pot.

As we marvel at these financial feats, let’s not forget that each baht earned is a testament to strategic planning, economic savvy, and to the tireless efforts of each enterprise under the watchful eye of the Ministry. This celebration of surplus is not just a win for SEPO, but a boost for the entire nation’s economy, propelling it towards unfathomed heights of growth and stability.

So, the next time you’re pondering about the prowess of fiscal management in the Land of Smiles, remember this tale of extraordinary numbers and the SEPO wizards who spin baht into gold. Bravo, economic warriors, bravo!

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