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Shock As Phuket Immigration Revamps Foreign Tenant Reporting: Will You Fall Foul Of Thailand’s New System?

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Stepping up their game, Phuket Immigration has urged property owners and managers throughout Thailand to register for the newly available online notification system for foreign tenants. The system, which just went live, is set to replace the older implementation.

The revised digital registration process might seem overwhelming with its document submission requirement, however, Immigration Officials assures prompt approval. They’ve also clarified that any host registered under the previous system will have to redo the process on this new platform.

In a fresh announcement, Phuket Immigration stated that users who previously registered will receive automatic approval from the system. This digital portal offers a welcomed convenience to owners and property managers of hotels, resorts, guesthouses and other accommodations to efficiently report their foreign guests’ stay.

A significant feature of this system is its wide range of compatibility. It works seamlessly with computers, smartphones, and tablets, intending to provide fast feedback and significantly reduce the time dedicated to immigration reports. The Phuket News reports the system also records every owner and property manager’s notification of foreign residents, serving as proof of the reporting process’s completion.

Apart from being a boon in managing and reporting foreigners’ stays, the system would also help property owners and managers to avoid penalties related to late or non-reporting of foreign residents. The Immigration Act’s Section 38 clearly states, “House owners, heads of households, landlords or managers of hotels who accommodate foreign nationals on a temporary basis, if legally residing in the Kingdom, must notify the local immigration authorities within 24 hours of the foreign national’s arrival.”

For those who fail to comply, be prepared for the repercussions defined under Section 77 of the Immigration Act. Violations could attract a fine of 2,000 baht at maximum. However, for hotel managers, this penalty escalates and can range from 2,000 baht to as much as 10,000 baht.

For better understanding and smooth adoption, Immigration Bureau has prepared a user manual. This guide aims to simplify the process, with detailed steps for successful registration on the new system.

Immigration bureaus around the country are doing their part in promoting this new system, encouraging hosting parties to register, ensuring legal compliance and saving them from potential fines. Not only is the system designed to be more efficient, but it also promises remarkable user-friendliness, quick responses, and time-saving features.

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