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Shocking Court Win Shatters Thai Real Estate Industry: ‘The 125 Sathorn’ Luxury Condo Project Halted – A Major Legal Bombshell!

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Announced recently, the Central Administrative Court has renounced both the construction license and environmental impact report (EIA) of the luxurious “The 125 Sathorn” condominium venture, on account of its structure design exceeding the limit permitted by legislation. The valuable news was revealed to the media by Chidchanok Lertampornpaisarn, the acting manager of The Met Condominium juristic body.

The verdict came on the 27th of September, enforcing a ceasing order on the construction of The 125 Sathorn, a project that stands on a lush three-rai land parcel contiguous to The Met Condominium located on the prestigious Sathon Road. The manager explicates that the cause of the court tussle was spearheaded by The Met juristic body, and it was fully backed up by the condominium proprietors, who had clashing interests with related government entities that had given the green light for The 125 Sathorn’s EIA report and the disputed construction permit.

According to Chidchanok, the project’s progression has been resulting in unfavorable circumstances for the residents of The Met, creating an impact during its establishment. Project completion will indeed bring about detrimental effects on the well-being of both existing condo occupants as well as the surrounding neighborhood.

Digging deep into the history of the land, it is revealed that Pebble Bay (Thailand), the former owner of the parcel, held a title deed for a 10-rai plot and was legally allowed to erect high-rise infrastructures. She further adds that Pebble Bay successfully completed the construction of The Met condominium, boasting 66 floors on a lush seven-rai section of the land – an endeavor brought to completion in 2008.

In the turn of the financial tide in 2004, Pebble Bay decided to trade off the remaining three-rai of land, which presently belongs to PMT Property. PMT is an amalgamation of Thoresen Thai Agencies Plc and two Japanese business allies – the renowned Kanden Realty & Development Co Ltd and Toray Construction Co Ltd.

PMT revealed “The 125 Sathorn” project to the world last June. The venture valued at an impressive 8-billion-baht is proposed to showcase two magnanimous structures with 36 floors each. With its EIA approval granted in August 2021, the project was well underway until the recent court intervention.

However, a complaint lodged by The Met juristic body and the condominium owners saw light, raising doubts over the transparency of the EIA process and further questioning the legality of the construction license issued to The 125 Sathorn, as it exceeds the legally allowed size for a three-rai land parcel.

With the final word from the court, Ms. Chidchanok hopes that the judgement sets a precedent for all relevant government bodies when dealing with situations of this nature, bringing much-needed clarity and justice to future situations of similar consequence.

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