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Transform Your Thai Property with Oriental Living: Premier Turnkey Interior Design Solutions

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Unlocking the potential of interior design is like crafting magical realms where every corner tells a story, and every piece of furniture whispers secrets of comfort and elegance. From grand project developments to cosy personal residences, it’s the art of harmonising ambiance with functionality. It’s about breathing life into spaces, imbuing them with personality, and tailoring them to fit specific visions, captivate target audiences, and cater to practical needs. By meticulously planning and coordinating elements such as furniture, colours, textures, and lighting, interior design produces visually stunning interiors that not only enhance the well-being of occupants but also harmonise seamlessly with the architectural design.

Whether it’s a bustling project development, a serene villa retreat, or a cosy home, interior design plays an irreplaceable role in shaping the atmosphere and enriching the experience. That’s why many property owners opt to collaborate with a reputable turn-key interior design company in Thailand. With their expertise and experience, these companies can navigate the complexities of design and execution, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered and executed to perfection. From conceptualisation to installation, they handle every aspect of the design journey, allowing clients to relax and revel in the transformation of their space into a personalised haven. In villas, homes, and resorts, partnering with a trusted interior design company in Thailand ensures that the final result reflects the unique lifestyle and preferences of the homeowners or guests, creating environments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A Trusted Interior Design Company in Thailand, Endorsed by Prestigious Brands

Oriental Living is more than just an interior design company; they are master storytellers, weaving compelling narratives that echo the unique essence and aspirations of each client. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, they transform spaces into living works of art, creating environments that resonate deeply with property owners. Through their dedication and expertise, Oriental Living brings to life the vision and personality of each client, crafting spaces that are as unique and inspiring as the individuals who call them home.

“At Oriental Living, we don’t just design interiors; we craft captivating stories that reflect your unique style and aspirations,” says Michael Dietvorst, the founder of Oriental Living, encapsulating the ethos of their approach.

At Oriental Living, interior design is more than just a profession; it’s an art form—a choreographed dance of elegance and functionality. For over two decades, Oriental Living has had the privilege of collaborating with prestigious brands and esteemed clients across Thailand and beyond. From luxury resorts to high-end residential developments, their portfolio boasts partnerships with renowned names such as Samujana, The Ridge, Skyfall, Avadina Hills, and Malaiwana. Each project represents a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in interior design.

Blending Tradition and Modernity: A Unique Approach to Interior Design in Thailand

In Oriental Living’s approach to design, Thailand’s vibrant culture and stunning landscapes offer boundless inspiration. They honour the essence of Thai design by skilfully merging traditional motifs with contemporary elements, creating spaces that exude a timeless allure with a touch of modernity. The result is a harmonious fusion of East and West, where luxury meets warmth and tradition meets innovation.

Elevating Spaces, Crafting Experiences: Turn Key Interior Design Solutions In Thailand

Continuing their legacy, Oriental Living offers bespoke turnkey interior design solutions tailored for project developments, resorts, and luxury homes across Thailand. From conceptualisation to execution, Oriental Living orchestrates every facet of the interior design process, sparing no detail. Here’s what it typically includes:

  1. Consultation and Conceptualisation: The journey begins with a thorough consultation where clients discuss their vision, preferences, and requirements with Oriental Living’s expert interior designers. Based on this input, the design team conceptualises a personalised design plan tailored to the client’s needs and style.
  2. Space Planning and Layout Design: Once the concept is finalised, they create detailed space plans and layout designs to optimise the functionality and flow of the space. This involves determining the placement of furniture, fixtures, and other elements to maximise usability and aesthetics.
  3. Selection of Furnishings and Finishes: Assisting clients in selecting the perfect furnishings, finishes, and materials to bring their vision to life. This includes sourcing high-quality furniture, lighting, fabrics, flooring, and accessories that reflect the client’s style while meeting their budget and functional requirements.
  4. Custom Furniture Design: For clients seeking unique and bespoke pieces, Oriental Living offers custom furniture design services. Their expert craftsmen work closely with clients to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces tailored to their exact specifications and preferences.
  5. Procurement and Installation: Once all design elements have been finalised, Oriental Living takes care of procuring and coordinating the delivery and installation of furniture and fixtures. Their team ensures that every detail is executed with precision, from arranging furniture placement to installing lighting and accessories.
  6. Project Management and Coordination: Throughout the entire process, Oriental Living provides dedicated project management and coordination to ensure that the project stays on schedule and within budget. They liaise with contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders to oversee the implementation of the design plan and address any issues that may arise.
  7. Final Styling and Finishing Touches: Once the installation is complete, Oriental Living adds the final styling touches to elevate the space to its full potential. This may include accessorising, arranging artwork, and adding decorative elements to enhance the overall look and feel of the interior.

With Oriental Living, clients are not just investing in furniture; they are investing in an experience—an experience that transcends the ordinary and transforms living spaces into extraordinary works of art. From concept to completion, Oriental Living is committed to exceeding expectations and delivering spaces that inspire, delight, and endure.

In addition to their comprehensive interior design services, Oriental Living also provides bespoke furniture packages tailored for real estate developments. These packages offer convenience and efficiency, allowing property developers to furnish their spaces with ease while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

Ready to Transform Your Property?

From conceptualisation to installation, Oriental Living, a premier Turn Key Interior Design Company in Thailand, provides comprehensive turnkey interior design solutions in Thailand, tailored to address every requirement. Whether it’s a private residence renovation, a holiday villa design, or a commercial space concept, their team of experts guarantees a smooth and hassle-free process from inception to completion. Specialising in optimising space utilisation, incorporating advanced technology, and crafting bespoke furniture pieces, Oriental Living elevates interiors to unparalleled levels of sophistication. Experience the art of luxury living with Oriental Living – where every space tells a story of elegance and sophistication.


  1. Tom A. June 12, 2024

    Wow, this sounds amazing! Oriental Living seems to really understand the art of interior design.

    • Lisa M June 12, 2024

      I agree! Their approach of blending tradition with modernity is quite unique.

      • DecorFan88 June 12, 2024

        Absolutely! It’s refreshing to see a company that respects local culture while innovating.

      • Tom A. June 12, 2024

        Yes, and it’s great for clients who want something both elegant and personalized.

    • Jenny June 12, 2024

      Isn’t it just marketing fluff though? Every design firm claims they tell a ‘unique story’.

      • Tom A. June 12, 2024

        Fair point, Jenny. But their collaboration with big names like Samujana and The Ridge speaks volumes.

      • Peter K June 12, 2024

        Can’t judge until you see the results in person. Anyone here experienced their work firsthand?

  2. grower134 June 12, 2024

    What’s the big deal about using a turnkey service? Seems overpriced for what it is.

    • Catherine L. June 12, 2024

      Some people are willing to pay for the convenience of having everything managed for them.

    • ArchitectPro234 June 12, 2024

      The cost includes not just items but also the expertise and project management. Quality and attention to detail aren’t cheap.

    • grower134 June 12, 2024

      I still think hiring local craftsmen yourself can be cheaper and just as effective.

  3. Larry D June 12, 2024

    This kind of service might be great for luxury homes but what about middle-class families?

  4. Ava June 12, 2024

    Middle-class families can’t afford this level of service. This is targeted at high-end clients.

  5. James R. Ford June 12, 2024

    From my experience in real estate, a well-designed interior can vastly increase property value.

  6. travelbug42 June 12, 2024

    Oriental Living has worked with some top resorts! Shows their designs are top-notch.

  7. Eddie June 12, 2024

    Just another way to cash in on the ‘luxury’ label. Good interior design shouldn’t be a luxury.

    • Nina June 12, 2024

      Eddie, you do get what you pay for. Quality materials and skilled craftsmen cost money.

    • Larry Davis June 12, 2024

      Investing in good design can actually save money in the long run by avoiding cheap replacements.

    • Eddie June 12, 2024

      But can’t we focus more on affordable, high-quality design? It feels out of reach for most.

  8. Francois June 12, 2024

    Their blend of traditional Thai with modern elements sounds wonderful. Sounds like ideal mix for resorts.

  9. Carrie Ann June 12, 2024

    Would love to see how they incorporate Thai cultural elements into a contemporary design.

    • InteriorLover June 12, 2024

      I’ve seen some of their projects, and they do a fantastic job of creating a cohesive look!

  10. Xander June 12, 2024

    Samujana and The Ridge are truly luxurious places. If Oriental Living worked with them, that’s a strong endorsement.

    • Oliver June 12, 2024

      For sure. Those names carry weight in the industry.

    • Anna B. June 12, 2024

      Recommendations from those clients show trust and quality work.

  11. GreenSpaces89 June 12, 2024

    Does anyone know if they incorporate sustainable design principles?

    • EcoWarrior June 12, 2024

      Good question. High-end design often overlooks sustainability.

    • Charlie T. June 12, 2024

      Given the clientele they cater to, they should focus on sustainable and eco-friendly options.

  12. Suki Wester June 12, 2024

    Pretty impressive portfolio. Would love to see more about their furniture customization process.

  13. David K. June 12, 2024

    What sets Oriental Living apart is their deep understanding of the client’s vision.

    • Mele Kalikimaka June 12, 2024

      Or so they claim. Advertising is always puffed up.

    • David K. June 12, 2024

      True, but high-profile clients and long-term experience are hard to fake.

  14. Elena J. June 12, 2024

    Their process from consultation to final styling seems meticulous. That’s reassuring.

  15. Neil Patrick June 12, 2024

    I don’t understand why people would spend so much just on interior design. Seems excessive.

    • Interior Enthusiast June 12, 2024

      For some, it’s about creating a living space that reflects their identity and brings joy.

    • Neil Patrick June 12, 2024

      I get that, but isn’t there a more economical way?

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