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SHOCKING: Massive Discounts and Increased Buses During DEADLY Thai New Year Period!

During Songkran, Thais traditionally travel to visit family, resulting in congested roads and a marked increase in vehicular accidents. This year, Songkran, also known as the Thai new year, will be celebrated from April 13 to 17.

Transport Co Offers Discounts for Post-Songkran Travel

Passengers planning to travel between April 18 and 24 can avail a 10% discount on their bookings through the e-ticketing application or Transport Co’s official website ( Sanyalux Panwattanalikit, the company’s president, announced on Friday that Transport Co membership card holders would also receive double reward points for bookings within this period.

State Welfare Cardholders Eligible for Monthly Bus Ticket Subsidy

Furthermore, state welfare cardholders can utilize up to 750 baht of their monthly card value to purchase bus tickets. However, eligible purchases must be made in person at ticket boots.

Increased Transport Capacity to Accommodate Post-Songkran Travelers

To accommodate the expected influx of approximately 58,000 travelers returning to Bangkok daily from Sunday to Tuesday, Transport Co has allocated around 3,800 buses and vans. This ensures a seamless travel experience, preventing anyone from being left behind during this busy period.

In summary, the annual Songkran holiday period sees a surge in traffic congestion and road accidents, as most Thais return to their hometowns to visit relatives. To facilitate post-Songkran travel, Transport Co is offering several incentives, such as discounts and double reward points, while also increasing the number of available buses and vans to cope with demand.

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