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Shocking Proposal: Legalizing Sex Toys in Thailand – A Surprising Solution to Crime and Finances!

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Ratchada Thanadirek of the Democrat Party has argued that decriminalizing sex toys in Thailand would yield more benefits than drawbacks for the nation. Previously, sex toys were available for purchase on certain major online trading platforms, but they were removed following criticism that they were illegal and violated Thai good morality. Despite a lack of success in their advocacy efforts, some feminist activists have continued to push for the liberalization of sex toy sales.

In a recent statement, Ratchada acknowledged the current status of sex toys as prohibited goods in Thailand, which classifies them as pornographic items that can harm society and public morality. Under Article 287 of the Criminal Code, sex toys are considered illegal objects, and their import is forbidden as per Customs Act BE2560.

She argued, however, that the illicit sales of sex toys have led to a rise in smuggled goods, resulting in a significant loss of tax revenue for the government. Furthermore, the underground market presents opportunities for corrupt officials to demand bribes from sellers while also lacking regulation surrounding the quality and safety of sex toys. Ratchada pointed out that sex toys sold in Thailand could be dangerous due to potential short circuits and the risk of infection for users.

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects, Ratchada suggested that sex toys should be recognized as tools for stress relief and recreation, with the potential to provide therapeutic benefits for individuals coping with sexual dysfunction. She expressed confidence in the ability of sex toys to reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, lower instances of prostitution, and prevent divorces fueled by unequal sexual desires among married couples.

Moreover, Ratchada believes that sex toys can contribute to decreasing sex-related crime rates. Over the past five years, Thai police have received reports of approximately 4,000 rape cases annually, with arrests made in around 2,400 cases. As approximately 87% of rape victims do not file official complaints, it is estimated that Thailand experiences an average of 30,000 rape cases each year.

Sex toys also hold the potential to generate substantial income for Thailand, as demonstrated by research from UK-based market research firm Technavio. Their findings show that the global sex toy market is growing at a rate of 7% per year, with an estimated value of over 300 billion baht. Ratchada highlighted that countries such as Japan, Singapore, Germany, and the Czech Republic have already legalized sex toys.

To promote the sex toy industry in Thailand, Ratchada suggested that organizations like the Food and Drug Administration and the Thai Industrial Standards Institute should regulate and certify the safety and quality of sex toys. The Democrat Party supports removing sex toys from Article 287 of the Criminal Code and instead designating them as controlled goods available for sale to individuals 18 years and older.

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