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Shocking Return of Thailand’s Political Pariah? Thaksin Eligible for Royal Pardon in Unanticipated Legal Twist!

In the discussion of whether Thaksin can apply for a royal pardon, Wissanu, holding positions as the acting justice minister and the government’s legal advisor, mentioned, “Within the first 24 hours, it can be executed. However, whether he does so or not is still a question only he can answer.”

As per Wissanu’s words, the procedure requires convicts to send their royal pardon pleadings in written form to His Majesty the King. “If the first appeal is denied,” he elucidated, “they can make a fresh submission, but only after two more years.”

Reminding everyone of a universal right, Wissanu asserted that every convict possesses the entitlement to apply for a royal pardon. Thaksin, known among many as the Pheu Thai Party’s founder, is speculated to reenter Thai soil in the near future in order to serve his penal sentence originating from his period of administration.

On the topic of his homecoming, Thaksin’s daughter and one of Pheu Thai party’s three major candidates for Prime Minister, Paetongtarn, stated recently that Thaksin plans to return to Thailand on August 10. Continually, Thaksin and his family have been making announcements about his potential “homecoming”. Previously, he promised to be back in his homeland before his birthday landed on July 26.

Thaksin, now 74 years old, has spent time overseas avoiding home since August 2008. Just two months after he left, in October 2008, the Supreme Court’s Criminal Division on Political Office Holders, in a trial conducted in his absence, sentenced him to two years in jail. The case was based on allegations that he had misused his power to enable his wife’s acquisition of state-held land at a considerably below-market price.

Including the offenses from his leadership period from February 2001 until September 2006, Thaksin is facing a cumulative ten years imprisonment across three distinct corruption-held cases. However, the ten-year statute of limitations in one case expired in the year 2018.

While addressing Thaksin’s case on Thursday, Wissanu added that, given Thaksin’s age is above 70 years, and his pre-existing health concerns, he would qualify for several privileges that others serving their prison terms wouldnÕt have access to.

“The Department of Corrections will determine such privileges, which could range from a special detention cell or work at the prison hospital,” he said, stipulating, “But a home arrest possibility is out of the question. He must serve his sentence within the prison.” Wissanu conveyed that Thaksin’s family would have the chance to meet him on the first day of his incarceration.

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