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Somchai and Pear’s Intimate Wedding: A Tale of Love Beyond the Glare of Brand Marketing

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Imagine a love story that blooms amidst the hustle of marketing strategies and the dazzle of brand representation. This is the tale of Somchai, aged 56, a man who not only carved a niche for himself in his professional life but also had a very clear vision for his personal one. A vision that included a warm, intimate wedding with the love of his life, Kuntita “Pear” Chartsomboonchai, 31, a gem among the ten brand representatives under the AIS Smart Gen 2018 project. This initiative was not just a launchpad for fresh talents but also a crucible where young minds were molded, taught how to charm and win over consumers with eloquence and ingenuity, traits that Pear embodied flawlessly.

On March 23, a day marked by the soft whispers of love and the joyous laughter of close family, Somchai and Pear decided to take their vows in a ceremony that was the very definition of coziness and intimacy. “We opted for a small gathering among our kin, fretting over the idea of encroaching too much on our guests’ precious time. Our concern also extended towards reaching out to our expansive circle of friends and acquaintances, many of whom we wished could be part of our special day,” the wedding card conveyed in heartfelt words. Despite the scale of their wedding, their announcement was a testament to their journey together, extending a warm thanks to everyone who showered them with blessings and joy.

In a candid revelation to the Thai media outlet Prachachat Turakij during an interview in 2018, Somchai peeled away layers of his persona, revealing a side not many knew. He confided his life’s aspiration was not just professional success but also to find a companion for life. Despite the demanding nature of his work, he always prioritized family, making it a point to cherish the moments spent with them. “While some might think my life orbits solely around my career, they’d be surprised to know how much I value family time. To me, work is akin to a mask, one that I happily shed to dive into the warmth of my family,” he shared with a smile.

Somchai, a man of myriad interests, envisioned a retirement filled with the simple joys of life – be it indulging in the serene game of golf, losing himself in the world of books, or nurturing plants, giving life to new blooms. He humorously noted, “Friends might come and go, but what I yearn for is a companion for the twilight years, an old lady to share the quiet moments with.” His words, filled with honesty and a touch of whimsy, remind us of the fundamental human desire for companionship and joy in life’s simplest pleasures.

In Somchai and Pear’s journey, we find a reflection of the universal themes of love, commitment, and the balance between our personal and professional lives. Their story is not just about two hearts coming together but also about cherishing family, embracing the future with open arms, and the beauty of finding someone to share the quiet, unremarkable moments that, in truth, mean the world.


  1. AnnaLee92 March 26, 2024

    This article felt like a breath of fresh air amid the usual drama of high-profile events. It’s inspiring to see Somchai and Pear focusing on what truly matters – their love and the close-knit circle they chose to share their special day with.

    • TechBro March 26, 2024

      I don’t get it. Why is this even news? People get married all the time. Is it because she’s a brand representative? Seems like a non-story to me.

      • AnnaLee92 March 26, 2024

        It’s about the authenticity and simplicity in a world obsessed with extravagance. It’s refreshing to see people in the public eye value intimacy and genuine connection over spectacle.

      • SimpleSoul March 26, 2024

        Exactly @AnnaLee92! It’s the genuine, down-to-earth stories that truly resonate with people. We’re bombarded with so much superficiality daily that this feels like a true gem.

    • GreenThumb March 26, 2024

      Somchai’s interest in gardening and leading a simple life post-retirement is very relatable. It’s a reminder of the joy found in simple pleasures. Does anyone have gardening tips?

  2. Mark_the_Skeptic March 26, 2024

    Love at a 25-year age gap? Hmm. I’d be curious to know more about how they met and what bridged that gap for them. It’s not common, and I wonder about the dynamics there.

    • RomanticAtHeart March 26, 2024

      Age is just a number! What matters is the connection and love they share. It’s rare to find someone who truly understands and cherishes you.

      • Cynic23 March 26, 2024

        Rare? Or just statistically improbable given generational gaps in experience, thinking, and physical age? Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but it does raise eyebrows.

    • CuriousCat March 26, 2024

      Did the article mention how they met? Pear’s career could’ve facilitated their meeting, considering her role in brand representation.

  3. JoyfulSpirit March 26, 2024

    Their story warms my heart. It’s a beautiful example of how love transcends societal expectations of grandeur, focusing instead on the shared journey. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness!

    • GloomyGus March 26, 2024

      This is all getting overly romanticized. Yes, it’s nice and all, but there are bigger problems in the world than reading about someone’s intimate wedding.

      • JoyfulSpirit March 26, 2024

        While true, it’s nice to have reminders of love and joy. It brings balance and offers a different perspective amidst the chaos of the world.

  4. FinanceGuru March 26, 2024

    Interesting that this was covered by a media outlet. Any chances this story is also a subtle marketing strategy for the AIS Smart Gen project? Just throwing it out there.

    • Skeptic101 March 26, 2024

      That’s a possibility. Nowadays, anything that gets media coverage could have underlying marketing motives. Hard to decipher genuine stories from tactful PR moves.

      • BelieverInLove March 26, 2024

        I choose to see the beauty in their story rather than question the intent. Sometimes, good things just happen and they’re worth sharing.

  5. FlowerChild March 26, 2024

    This just shows how powerful love can be, bringing together not just two people, but blending their worlds. It’s a fusion of personal desires with professional life.

  6. DebateQueen March 26, 2024

    I wonder about the societal implications of highlighting such stories. Are we setting realistic expectations, or is this perpetuating a notion that love is always a fairy tale?

    • RealistRaj March 26, 2024

      Great point. Not every story is a fairytale, and not every relationship fits the ‘perfect love’ narrative. It’s crucial to remember the reality behind the curtain.

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