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Songkhla hotels request extended opening hours at the Malaysian border

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Local businesses will benefit from longer operation hours, while Malaysia will enjoy a rise in the number of tourists. The daily expenditures of Malaysian tourists amount to approximately 5,000 baht, or approximately US$140. According to a report, nightclubs can earn an additional 100,000 baht (about $2,800) for every hour they remain open. If restaurants and bars remained open until 4 am, the residents’ daily income would increase by 400,000 baht, or $11,000 USD. Sitthiphong laughed at the idea that they should first test their concept in Hat Yai. He is confident that the new regime will be successful if applied first in Ban Dan Nok and then in Hat Yai. Businesses in Hat Yai have profited from Malaysian tourists, especially during election seasons in Malaysia, because these tourists choose to stay for longer periods of time and visit more destinations. On their route to Hat Yai and other places in Songkhla, a considerable number of Malaysians pass through Dan Nok. The local business community claimed that restaurants, motels, and pubs were fully booked during election season. According to the Hatyai Songkhla Hotels Association, if the planned adjustment is approved, extending opening hours for a controversial night entertainment strip bordering Malaysia in Ban Dan Nok, Songkhla will stimulate the local economy and attract tourists. This organization stands to gain significantly if the proposed change is implemented. Sitthiphong Sitthiphatprapha, the head of the association, noted that tourism efforts had neglected to include Ban Dan Nok, despite the presence of numerous Malaysian tourists in the nearby area. The group believes that local authorities, specifically the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Centre, will promote their services on their behalf. Sitthiphong was cited as saying, “We intend to establish a two-kilometer-long area for nighttime entertainment outlets where bars and restaurants can remain open until 4 a.m.” On Kanchanawanit Road, there are no educational institutions, medical services, or residential communities; hence, the border region is a suitable option.

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