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Songkran 2023 Travel Bonanza: Airlines Add 104 Flights with 20% Off Deals

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Imagine the hustle and bustle of Suvarnabhumi Airport, bustling with wide-eyed travelers all converging in anticipation of Songkran, Thailand’s most splash-tastic festival. It’s April, and the air is electrified with excitement and the promise of the upcoming holiday extravaganza. Picture this, captured perfectly in a candid snapshot, by Wichan Charoenkiatpakul last year, setting the scene for our festive tale.

This year, in an unprecedented move that seems almost like a holiday miracle, six trailblazing airlines are set to transform the travel game during Songkran. Riding in on their metaphorical white horses, Thai Airways, Thai AirAsia, Bangkok Airways, Thai LionAir, NokAir, and Thai Vietjet have unveiled a plan to add an astonishing 104 flights to their schedules. And here’s the cherry on top – they’re sprinkling these flights with a dash of affordability, slashing prices by an enticing 20% for those ungodly hours of early morning and late night. It’s like they’ve read every budget traveler’s diary and decided to make their wishes come true, all in the spirit of the Songkran holiday.

Sarun Benjanirut, the CAAT’s deputy director-general, couldn’t contain his enthusiasm as he shared these electrifying plans, birthed from a meeting that might as well have been a council of travel wizards on Feb 28. It’s not just about adding flights; it’s about breaking the chains of expensive airfares and making holiday travel accessible for every Tan, Dick, and Harry. Destinations like Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Samui are about to get a lot closer, with 17,874 extra seats ready to whisk travelers away to their dream Songkran destination.

The twist? Many of these extra flights are scheduled at what many would call ‘inconvenient’ hours. But in the land of Songkran, where water fights rage from dawn till dusk, who’s to say what’s inconvenient? Plus, with discounts up for grabs, these flights are about to become the hottest tickets in town.

Booking is set to open faster than you can say “Songkran”, with these airlines ready to take reservations. Thrifty travelers, take note – this is your cue to act fast. Planning ahead is not just advised; it’s your golden ticket to snagging those oh-so-coveted seats at prices that won’t break the bank.

On the ground, the Songkran travel orchestra is being fine-tuned to perfection. The Transport Ministry is orchestrating a symphony of travel options, predicting an audience… ahem, a traveler count, of a whopping 15.45 million. Buses, the unsung heroes of interprovincial travel, are expected to take center stage yet again.

But it’s not just about getting there; it’s about arriving safely, joyfully, and without burning a hole in your pocket. Tolls on select expressways are being waived, making road travel smoother and a tad lighter on the wallet. Meanwhile, Transport Co is gearing up for an influx of passengers, adding flights to the tune of 4,200 trips in the early days of April and rounding off with 4,000 more as the festival winds down. They’re even throwing in 900 extra buses for good measure because, at Songkran, more is always merrier.

Amidst the travel frenzy, there’s a gentle reminder from the Department of Labour Welfare and Protection. They’re calling on the private sector to play Santa Claus and gift employees an extra day off on April 12. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate a five-day weekend? But it’s not all fun and games; they’re also ensuring that if you’re working through Songkran, you’re compensated fairly.

And in a grand finale that’s set to dazzle, the cabinet has earmarked a budget of 104 million baht for a Maha Songkran World Water Festival that’s promising to be nothing short of spectacular. With sights set on drawing over 200,000 visitors and a revenue generation aim of 3.125 billion baht, this festival is shaping up to be the blockbuster event of the year.

So buckle up, and let’s dive headfirst into Songkran 2023, where the skies are friendlier, the roads are open, buses abound, and there’s a splash of magic around every corner. Happy travels!


  1. TravelJunkie21 March 11, 2024

    Incredible to see how they’re ramping up for Songkran! 104 extra flights? That’s commitment. But is it really eco-friendly to increase air travel like this? What about the carbon footprint?

    • GreenAdvocate March 11, 2024

      Exactly my thought! While the discounts and increased access are great, the environmental impact of additional flights is concerning. Sustainable travel options should be a priority.

      • EcoWarrior March 11, 2024

        Couldn’t agree more. We should promote local festivities that don’t require air travel. It’s about finding a balance.

    • SkyHigh March 11, 2024

      While I understand the environmental concerns, Songkran is a major festival that boosts tourism and the economy. It’s a trade-off between cultural celebration and eco-consciousness.

      • TravelJunkie21 March 12, 2024

        Fair point, SkyHigh. I just hope there are offset programs or eco-friendly initiatives to counter the impact. Does anyone know if the airlines have something like this?

  2. BudgetBuddy March 11, 2024

    20% off for flights during ‘ungodly hours’? Count me in! This is the kind of deal that makes late-night or early-morning travel completely worth it.

    • NightOwl March 11, 2024

      Absolutely! As a night owl, I find red-eye flights perfect. Less crowd, quiet airports, and now cheaper prices? It’s a win-win-win.

  3. CultureVulture March 11, 2024

    Adding flights is a practical move for handling the holiday rush, but it’s about more than just convenience. Songkran’s essence is about renewal and celebration. Let’s not lose sight of that amid all the travel talk.

    • TraditionKeeper March 11, 2024

      Yes! I hope the influx of tourists respects the cultural significance of Songkran. It’s not just a giant water fight; it’s a time for reflection and reunion.

  4. BusRider March 11, 2024

    Everyone’s talking about flights, but what about the buses? They’re the unsung heroes here. It’s an affordable and accessible way for many to travel during Songkran.

  5. SafetyFirst March 11, 2024

    With all these additional transport options, I hope safety measures are being amped up as well. Songkran sees a spike in travel, but sadly, accidents too.

    • ConcernedParent March 12, 2024

      Absolutely. I read every year about the increase in accidents during Songkran. With more people moving around, ensuring safety should be paramount.

      • SafetyFirst March 12, 2024

        Definitely. More buses and flights mean more potential for issues. Here’s hoping the authorities have a solid plan in place. Families need to feel safe.

  6. Workaholic March 12, 2024

    That extra day off on April 12 sounds great, but not all of us can afford to take it. Some industries can’t just pause because of a festival.

    • HolidayHopeful March 12, 2024

      That’s a bummer, but remember, it’s about giving everyone a chance to participate in the cultural festivities. It’s a big deal for many.

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