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Spiderman creates a web to promote tourism in Thailand

Kasidet Juthamas also asked Mitch Muscle Lagos to go with him and a few other people to the beaches in Krabi. The 48-year-old tour guide, who is also the operations manager at Tinidee Hideaway Tonsai Beach Krabi, asked TikToker for help promoting travel to Krabi. They dressed up as superheroes and climbed the Cat Wall at Tonsai Beach. They then posted a video to Kasidet’s TikTok account to promote Krabi and Tonsai Beach as places to visit. Railay Beach is a popular place for tourists to go. It is close to Tonsai Beach, which is also called Tonsai Bay. During low tide, people can walk or take a boat to get from one place to another. People who like to claim rocks know about the area around Tonsai Bay. Locals and some tourists from other countries call Kasidet “Spiderman Krabi.” This is so that when he works as a tour guide, he can dress up as a different cartoon or movie character. This is true because he always dresses up in a costume. More than 950,000 people are following Mitch Muscle Lagos’s “mitchlagos” account. Cosplaying as Superman is something he likes to do, so you can see him do it in a few of his TikTok videos. Thai news sources say that Kasidet said he met Mitch Muscle Lagos at Tinidee Hideout on Krabi’s Tonsai Beach. When Kasidet and Mitch Muscle Lagos first met, Kasidet asked Mitch Muscle Lagos to be in one of his movies. He thought that from November of this year until March of next year, the tourist season would get better. He wanted Tonsai and Railey Beach to have more people from other countries visit them. A tour guide in Thailand has come up with a clever way to get tourists interested in what he does: he dresses up as Spider-Man. Spiderman has also asked Superman, who is also a superhero, for help. He and Superman will work together. Kasidet Juthamas, who is also known as Spiderman, asked Spiderman, an Australian TikToker, to go rock climbing with him at Railay Beach and Tonsai Bay.

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