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Surat Thani E-Cigarette Bust: Pol Lt Somchai Unveils Vaping’s Illicit Side

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In the hypnotic hours of a Sunday night, beneath the glow of neon lights in Surat Thani, a thrilling drama unfolded as police unveiled a clandestine world of sleek e-cigarettes and clouds of vaporous intrigue. The stage for this scene was a nondescript commercial building in the bustling area of tambon Makham Tia, in the heart of Surat Thani’s Muang district.

The plot thickened as officials, led by the intrepid assistant governor Pol Lt Somchai Rueangchan, descended upon an unsuspecting e-cigarette shop. The store, a seemingly innocuous beacon for vaping aficionados, was rumored to be the epicenter of an illicit industry, boasting a staggering monthly turnover of one million baht. The discovery? More than just flavored vapor, the shop also harbored secrets—cannabis-laced mysteries wrapped in 46 joints and 500 grammes of dried temptation.

Captured amidst this whirlwind was Thatthon Liusakul, 31, the shop’s unsuspecting guardian, who found himself ensnared in the law’s grip. Despite asserting a modest tenure of merely two months at the helm, Thatthon was found amidst a treasure trove of vaping paraphernalia, valued over 100,000 baht. His revelation? A daily dance with 40,000 baht, twirling through transactions to the tune of more than a million baht each month. Yet, regarding the enigmatic cannabis, he claimed a mere custodial role, safeguarding the botanicals for another.

The narrative took a compelling turn as the curtain was pulled back on the motivation behind this audacious raid. Pol Lt Somchai, with a whisper of a tip-off, embarked on a quest to dismantle an underground network skillfully weaving its allure around the young minds near two academic sanctuaries. This shop, marked by its notoriety, stood as a behemoth in the e-cigarette realm of Surat Thani, untouched until now.

But the tale did not end within the confines of Surat Thani. Far away, in the urban sprawl of Nonthaburi, another chapter unfolded almost simultaneously. Under the directive of assistant national police chief Lt Gen Nirundorn Luamsri, two secretive warehouses nestled in tambon Khlong Khoi of Pak Kret district came under siege. The bounty? An astonishing 70,000 e-cigarettes, veiled in the shadows, with a market value reaching 20 million baht.

This riveting saga of vapor and vice shines a light on the shadows cast by the vaping industry, weaving a tale of law enforcement tenacity against the backdrop of Thailand’s serene landscapes. As the smoke clears, one can only wonder what other secrets lurk within the mist, waiting for the next act of this electrifying drama.

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