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Teenagers and government officials in Chiang Mai are huge fans of e-ganja

Unlike cigarettes, using an e-ganja electronic gadget does not produce any scent or smoke, which is one of its advantages. Either wealthy teens or high-ranking government employees are their greatest e-ganja customers, according to vendors in the northern province of Chiang Mai. According to media sources, smokers typically purchase e-ganja online for about 3,000 baht. Smokers can manage themselves and know their limitations thanks to the cannabis oil in e-ganja. E-ganja is a type of portable electronic gadget that mimics smoking, much like an e-cigarette. The e-ganja electronic device, however, uses cannabis oil in place of tobacco, unlike e-cigarettes. Since many people have allergies to bongs or ground cannabis wrapped in paper, e-ganja has grown in popularity. According to a business owner who spoke to the media, many sellers import e-ganja since it is well-liked even by officials of the government and has no smell or smoke. Nobody would be aware that they were smoking marijuana. But some of my clients still prefer to use bongs for their smoking. It feels considerably better, according to them, than the electric one. A 22-year-old lady who wished to remain anonymous acknowledged that she and her friends frequently use electronic marijuana. The public was made aware last month that the legislation governing the cannabis industry would be finished by the end of this month by Supachai Jaisamut, the Chief of the Cannabis and Hemp Act and a member of parliament for the Bhumjaithai Party. The two to three weeks of use for the rechargeable e-ganja. It won’t irritate others because it doesn’t produce smoke or scent. According to Supachai, all retailers and company owners are permitted to sell marijuana as long as the laws and regulations are still debatable. However, it should not be used in an overt manner. The authorities raided Khao San Road businesses this month for selling ground cannabis wrapped in paper to unlicensed consumers.

The Public Health Ministry this month withdrew ganja from its list of legal drugs that can be used for medical purposes. However, the government has outlawed cannabis smoking in public and said that its smoke and odor are a public nuisance.

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