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Ten provinces around the Chao Phraya River, including Bangkok, are under flood warnings

The Phong Pheng Canal in the Ang Thong province, the Bang Ban Canal, and the Noi River in the Ayutthaya province are among the canals and rivers in central Thailand where the government predicts that the water level will rise by approximately 0.50 meters. To prevent flood damage to personal property, the government encouraged homeowners along the Chao Phraya River to transfer their electric assets and assets up to the second level of the house or a higher site. The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation urged Bangkok and the other ten provinces along the Chao Phraya River last night to prepare for flooding concerns from now until August 1 due to predicted sea level rise. The Chao Phraya River’s water level was high due to recent rainfall over the past few days, according to a report from the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department at 10 p.m. The department is draining water into surrounding canals and rivers. The Chao Phraya River’s water level is expected to rise to 1.90 to 2.10 meters between July 28 and August 1, according to the government’s forecast, which might have an impact on Bangkok, Samut Prakarn, and some areas of Nonthaburi. The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department also encouraged officials and citizens in eight other provinces, including Uthai Thani, Chai Nart, Sing Buri, Ang Thong, Ayutthaya, Suphan Buri, Lop Buri, and Pathum Thani, to closely monitor the water situation.

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