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Terrifying Curse Strikes Again: Belgian Man’s Tragic Leap from Condo Shakes Community!

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In the wee hours of the morning at 4:30 am, in the Bang Lamung district of Chonburi, a tragic incident unfolded.

Authorities and emergency responders discovered the lifeless body of Kris (last name withheld) on the ground beside a condominium complex. It is believed that the victim fell and struck a garage roof, causing it to break apart during the fall.

The area was immediately secured by police authorities for further investigation, and the deceased was transported to the Police General Hospital Institute of Forensic Medicine in Bangkok. An autopsy will be performed to conclusively determine the cause of death.

Sombat Sasamrong, a seasoned 55-year-old security guard at the condominium, reported that the Belgian man had attempted suicide twice that night. Kris had initially leaped from the second floor of the building but only sustained injuries upon landing. Sombat added that despite his efforts to intervene, he was unable to prevent Kris from attempting a second, fatal jump.

The building’s caretaker, 45-year-old Chananchida Changwatdee, shared that the Belgian victim was plagued by multiple chronic illnesses, which could have contributed to increased stress levels in his life at the time.

This unfortunate event has fueled local speculations about the possibility of a “curse” haunting the condominium, as residents recalled a similar incident. An 81-year-old French national had also taken his own life by jumping from the same building in the past. This man, too, had been suffering from stress brought on by chronic health issues. These two tragic episodes have left the community with an uneasy feeling, wondering if these circumstances are more than just mere coincidence.

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