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Terrifying Island Execution: Russian Man Ambushed at Popular Phuket Complex – Cold-Blooded Gunman Caught on Camera!

Dmitry Aleynikov, a 44-year-old man, faced a horrifying attack while parked in his car outside a restaurant on Boat Avenue, a bustling outdoor shopping complex. Unexpectedly, four gunshots struck him—landing once in his chest, twice in his left arm, and the fourth bullet grazed his wedding-ring finger. The brazen lunchtime shooting caused panic and fear amongst the island’s Russian community.

Authorities quickly apprehended the alleged gunman, Artur Legay, as reported by local news sources. He was taken in for questioning at the Phuket Police headquarters. Security camera footage was crucial in tracking down the suspect. The disturbing footage showed the gunman arriving at the crime scene on a motorcycle at the shopping complex in Thalang district’s Choeng Thalay tambon.

After dismounting from his motorcycle, the gunman was seen pacing back and forth, as if waiting for Aleynikov’s arrival. As soon as the unsuspecting victim pulled up to the scene, the masked assailant sprinted to the front of the car, attempting to execute Aleynikov by firing four shots through the windshield. The terrifying incident took place during lunchtime, creating shockwaves throughout the island.

The tireless efforts of the police led them to the suspect, using the footage to determine the route he took after the shooting. They discovered that the suspect had changed clothes and discarded the attire worn during the attack at an abandoned mine, situated only one kilometer from where the horrifying incident occurred. Investigators believe that the gunman also threw the weapon he used—a pistol—into the mine’s reservoir.

Furthermore, the police found that the motorcycle used by the assailant had been left abandoned at a resort approximately 4 kilometers from the location of the shooting. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the motorcycle belonged to the same resort. The alleged shooter had rented it just for the day.

The suspect had checked into the resort on May 21 and rented the motorcycle on the morning of the shooting. After carrying out the cowardly attack, the suspect returned the rented vehicle and immediately checked out. Police were able to identify the alleged shooter from the resort’s records and, alertly, discovered that he had not left Phuket via the airport.

Anticipating his next move, the police waited at Phuket International Airport for the suspect, who arrived for a flight off the island at 8.30 am on Thursday. He was promptly captured and taken into custody. While the investigation is ongoing, the motivation and events surrounding the tragic shooting remain a mystery.

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