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Terrifying Underworld Exposed: Illegal Kratom Tea Racket Cripples Community in Suppaweed! Dive into the Riveting Police Raid!

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In a coordinated operation characterized by meticulous planning and execution, the revered Khon Kaen law enforcement carried out an incursion on a noted locality, Suppaweed, notorious for dealing in kratom tea concocted with cough syrup. The raid, conducted yesterday, evolved from numerous grievances related to incessant operation of the commerce round-the-clock, as well as its association with disquieting clamor disturbing the peace of the community till late-night hours. Under the keen oversight of two prominent figures—Police Captain Danai Thanomchit and Officer Dulayaphop Saengsun, the District officer of Khon Kaen city, the assemblage carrying out the raid stumbled upon a hub teeming with customers.

Tables across the establishment were adorned with glasses filled with kratom leaves. Additionally, cough medication was found in substantial quantities in both forms—pills and syrup. The collective haul from the raid included ten containers of Dastisin, deemed as a hazardous drug, together with, three bottles of Fatec Cetirizine, and a single jar of PACMADOL, a popular antidote against allergies, containing a whopping 1,000 capsules. Not to mention, a considerable stash of kratom tea, infused with diverse flavors, was unearthed from the refrigerator.

Apprehended during the process were the individuals accountable for operating the shop, which included 30-year-old Surat Sriphinitch, flanked by Akrawin and Wan Mongkol Deying, aged 21 and 20 respectively. Various assortments of kratom tea sampled from the tables were gathered for performing precise examination to ascertain the presence of cough medication.

Discussing the proceedings, Police Captain Precha Kengsarikit, a noted figure helming the Khon Kaen City Police Station, unveiled that multiple complaints regarding the shop’s non-stop operational hours and resulting noise pollution had been registered. It was further revealed that the shop was found guilty of dealing in kratom tea infused with cough syrup. Kengsarikit continued to elaborate how the cough syrup obtained from the shop was restricted to sale by licensed pharmacists across the country. However, this shop was openly retailing it to the customer base, and even going the extra mile by combining it with kratom tea—an outright contravention of drug laws.
Emphasizing on the issue at hand, Kengsarikit disclosed that grievances about comparable irregularities in several other businesses have been received, calling upon them to dismantle their operations and abide by the laws. Authorities were reported by KhaoSod to escalate their endeavors to track down all businesses guilty of kratom tea misuse, thereby infringing the law.

The individuals initially apprehended, stand accused of dealing in kratom tea combined with drugs, promoting usage of kratom amalgamated with drugs, retailing prescribed medicine (Datisin—a serious drug) without proper authorization, dealing in unregistered drugs, selling multiple packaged medications in single sets, and undertaking pharmaceutical duties without valid licenses and permits.

The ongoing saga of this event is actively covered by The Thaiger’s subsequent stories on their updated Facebook page HERE.

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