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Test run of new ferry service between Pattaya and Samui is complete

Travel sector workers were treated to an opening night extravaganza on the ferry, replete with an open bar, wonderful food, and live music. We don’t know how many weekly excursions there will be. When regular service begins, the ferry will travel from Sattahip’s Chuksamed Terminal to Koh Samui’s Nathon Pier. On Friday afternoon, the test flight left Pattaya and arrived on Koh Samui. Samui Cruise had a launch party after testing the new route between Koh Samui and Pattaya. Different seats, beds, and hotel kinds have different costs, but overnight accommodations cost approximately 3,000 baht. The Seahorse Ferry’s owners were thrilled to begin service. Even though there are no specific dates, service may begin later this month. It boasts reclining chairs, capsule beds, and first-class-style private suites, making it more like a cruise ship than a ferry.

Each way takes 12 hours. Pattaya and Samui commence at 5 p.m., and the last port is 8 a.m. The ferry boat offers a restaurant, spa, and nighttime entertainment. SPcruise will offer a Pattaya-to-Koh Samui round-trip cruise by September 2022. The boat has a bar, karaoke bar, and disco, like a cruise. Because the ship has two levels for parking, bringing a car or motorcycle is easy.

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