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THAI and Bangkok Airways have been told to rectify their catastrophic baggage delays

According to reports from Saksayam, the issue with the lengthy line at the taxi service desk at the terminal has been resolved. The waiting area at Suvarnabhumi Airport was extended, and additional parking lots were made available for taxi drivers. The amount of time spent waiting was noted to be 10 minutes for each passenger. On the other side, there has not yet been a solution found for the delayed luggage. Saksayam stated that there is a shortage of human resources within the ground operation teams of each airline. He discovered that the nation’s ailing tourism industry is still recovering from the pandemic, that all airlines reduced their workforce and shrunk their operations to cope with the subsequent economic downturn, and that they require some time to hire more staff in order to do so successfully.

According to the findings of Saksayam, Thai Airways (THAI) and Bangkok Airways were the airlines that were most responsible for the problem of delayed luggage. Comparatively, it takes Bangkok Airways approximately half an hour to return customers’ luggage to them while it takes Thai Airways over an hour and a half. Next week, the permanent secretary of the Transportation Ministry is going to meet with the two airlines that have been invited to the conference. Saksayam said “Every airline will have one month to devise a plan of action and find a solution to the problem of delays. In the event that they are unable to resolve the issue, the airport will contract the management of the baggage carousel out to other service providers. According to Saksayam, he anticipates that Suvarnabhumi Airport would welcome approximately 130,000 passengers per day in December, which is a 13% increase over November. The procedure of checking in takes roughly forty minutes for each individual. Saksayam paid a visit to Suvarnabhumi Airport in order to investigate the numerous complaints that were lodged regarding the airport’s overcrowded terminals, lengthy lineups at the taxi service counter and passport check-in counters, as well as the confusion that was caused by delayed luggage. Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob issued a warning to Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways, telling them they had one month to solve the problem of delayed luggage at the kingdom’s airports or else he will replace their baggage handlers with a different business. On November 24, the minister, who is 60 years old, made the announcement that the issues surrounding the overcrowding of terminals and the lengthy waits at the passport check-in counters have been handled. The typical amount of time spent waiting for a passenger is fifteen minutes, while the time spent inspecting a passenger’s passport by an officer is approximately sixty seconds.

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