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Thai Authorities Crack Down: High-Profile Drug Lords & Fraudsters Hit With Million-Dollar Seizures! The Shocking Truth Revealed!

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High-ranking Thai official and AMLO deputy secretary-general, Pol Maj Gen Ekarak Limsangkat, along with Pol Maj Gen Yutthana Phraedam, second-in-command of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI), recently held a press conference disclosing a series of eye-opening seizures related to drug trafficking and public scamming cases.

In his lively annunciation, Ekarak revealed that the AMLO and DSI task force has successfully managed to confiscate around 42 assets valued at an astounding 64 million baht (~2.1 million USD). These cases involve notorious drug lords such as Myanmar businessman, Tun Min Latt, who was apprehended in Bangkok last year under serious allegations of large-scale drug trafficking and money laundering.

The spoils of these successful operations didn’t stop there; Ekarak also turned the spotlight onto success stories in the sphere of public scamming. A resounding number of 17 hard-gotten assets, amounting to a staggering 374 million baht, were seized in these intense operations. One of the notable cases that garnered much public attention was that of ex-Chairman Chanin Yensudchai from Stark Corporation. Stark Corporation, known for its industrial cable production, came under severe criticism and speculation due to large-scale fraud allegations.

This alleged corporate scandal shook the foundations of Stark Corporation, leaving a trail of financial devastation worth 100 billion baht for shareholders, bondholders and creditors. Yutthana took center stage and elaborated that following extensive interviewing of over 160 witnesses, charges have been framed against 11 defendants associated with the Stark Corporation case. Out of these, five are individuals implicated in fraud, while the remaining six consist of legal entities.

In line with these revelations, Yutthana also enlightened the room with progress on DSI’s recent confiscation of 161 containers filled with illegal pork imports at Laem Chabang Port in Chonburi province this past July. As a result of meticulous efforts, eight individuals have been arrested as part of this operation, including the heads of the import company, and another company involved in selling agricultural products.

The breadth of the ongoing investigation extends past these recent crackdowns, with DSI officials rigorously analyzing records dating back from 2019, scrutinizing over 2,300 containers of imported pork via Laem Chabang Port. Chasing down every lead, the probing eyes of the DSI are vigilantly searching for signs of illegal activities and operations, leaving no stone unturned to ensure the integrity of law, Yutthana concluded — a testament to their relentless and unforgiving stance on crime.

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