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Thai-Korean narcotics operation hailed a triumph

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Thai agents have never participated in a coordinated operation abroad. In 35 smuggling attempts, 22 kg of methamphetamines, 290,000 “yaba” pills, and 479 ecstasy pills were recovered. KCS operatives visited Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport once a month between May and August to track drug-smuggling.

Thailand and Korea praised their combined effort to curb drug trafficking after discovering a large number of drugs.

Thai Customs Administration deputy director Pongtep Buasap applauded the initiative. They plan alliances with Southeast Asian and European states. The Korea Customs Service (KSC) sent a team to Thailand in November after discovering a narcotics haul there. Korea seized 124 methamphetamines from Thailand last year. Pongtep and Yoon signed a memorandum of understanding to prevent drug smuggling yesterday. Most medication batches were transported by mail, air freight, or travelers’ carry-on luggage. “We confirmed that the coordinated crackdown involving customs officials at drug supply and consumption sites is successful,” he said. The haul could offer 4 million addicts a single dose, according to the operation. “We wish to sustain our cooperation in the future,” he said. “This joint crackdown between Korea and Thailand has helped expand bilateral drug control cooperation.” Korea’s Yoon Tae-sik praised Pongtep’s effort. Future objectives for the Korea Customs Service include growing bilateral collaborative enforcement with countries in important narcotics supply regions.

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