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Thai lady admits to using a pestle to kill her 6-year-old granddaughter

The 6-year-old girl was found dead on a bed next to her grandmother La-or Yansawan, her husband Paiboon Yansawan, and La-10-year-old or’s daughter when the police arrived. La-or was a 47-year-old grandma. Authorities received word on Wednesday night that a 6-year-old girl had died inside a rented room in the Pathum Thani province’s Som Khok District. The woman held off giving police the details of her grandchild’s death until today. At the Sam Khok Police Station, La-or acknowledged to killing her granddaughter by repeatedly hitting her in the head with a pestle. The girl’s father took the 6-year-old from the hospital so they could hold a funeral.

The 47-year-old Thai mother acknowledged to repeatedly hitting her 6-year-old granddaughter in the head with a pestle on Wednesday, June 22, in the Pathum Thani district of central Thailand. The three children never left the house, according to La-account or’s to the authorities, because La-or was terrified of Covid-19.

When the results of the young girl’s autopsy were made public, La-or asserted that her granddaughter’s hand becoming jammed in a door was what caused the infection on the girl’s thumb. She asserted that discomfort spread since the incision was left untreated. La-original or’s explanation to the authorities was that a dog cage collapsing on her granddaughter’s head last month caused the injury. La-or claimed that while cooking, she had accidentally cut the girl’s arm and had asked her 10-year-old daughter to fetch a knife for her. The 6-year-old was wounded in the arm during a tussle for the knife, according to La-or, whose granddaughter reportedly went to get it first. La-or claimed that she “disciplined” her granddaughter for “not excreting properly” and as a result, her genitalia were injured. La-or allegedly shaved her head to hasten the wound’s recovery. She insisted that the wound couldn’t heal because her granddaughter kept picking at it. She steadfastly refused to tell the police how her grandchild died. The 6-year-old girl had multiple wounds, including scab wounds all over her body, a mark from a sharp object on her left arm, a black eye, bruised left ribs, a swollen stomach, swollen genitals, an infected wound on her thumb, and swelling in her left hand and fingers, according to the results of her autopsy. La-or and her husband said to police that they frequently heard the two children wailing from inside the rooms. They claimed that the space served as a juvenile prison.

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