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Thai Landlord’s Shocking Discovery: French Tenant Leaves Apartment in Chaos, Goes Viral on TikTok

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Imagine stepping into a scene that rivals the chaotic aftermath of a tornado touching down. This is precisely what a Thai woman encountered upon visiting her Pattanakarn-Thonglor rental unit, previously occupied by a French tenant who seemingly had a unique interpretation of ‘home decor’. The tale of this disaster zone unfolded on her TikTok account, “gigminim”, throwing the online world into a frenzy of disbelief and morbid curiosity.

Two days ago, she uploaded a series of 15 photos that showcased an astonishing variety of garbage strewn across the apartment. It wasn’t just the sheer volume but the diversity of items that turned heads. From the furniture to the sofa, dining table, kitchen shelves, and even the bed, no surface was spared. The bathroom and balcony didn’t fare any better, engulfed in a sea of trash that included everything from paper wraps and boxes to plastic bags, drink bottles, food containers, discarded clothes, canvas shoes, and, shockingly, used condoms. It was a tableau that redefined the term ‘living messy’.

The backstory? The French tenant had apparently ghosted on the rent for a whopping two months. Concerned and curious, the woman decided to check on her property. Little did she know, she was about to walk into what she described as a scene “looking like a war zone”.

The internet did what it does best, turning her ordeal into a viral sensation. Within two days, her post exploded, racking up views north of 1.2 million, over 27,700 likes, and sparking more than 1,500 comments from an audience equally horrified and fascinated.

Amidst the rubble, TikTok users played treasure hunters, spotting a potentially valuable electric guitar and two amplifiers left behind. Suggestions flew in that these musical relics could be the golden ticket to covering the hefty cleanup bill. One particular amp caught the eye of the savvy online crowd, pegged as a pricey piece, while the guitar was also deemed a hot commodity.

In a twist that showcased the platform’s marketplace potential, another user expressed eagerness to purchase a mini clothes washing machine discovered in the washroom. The landlord, however, noted a mandatory waiting period of a month before she could legally sell any of the abandoned treasures.

Curious inquiries about the tenant’s current whereabouts were met with a simple yet startling revelation: the Frenchman had left the country, leaving behind a legacy of chaos and a viral story that has captured the imagination of millions online. This saga of unexpected discoveries and digital fame spins a modern tale of mess, music, and mystery, proving yet again that reality can be stranger—and more entertaining—than fiction.

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