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Thai researchers produce a type of flood-resistant rice

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Researchers in Thailand have produced a novel rice variety that is resistant to flooding just as torrential rains continue to lash the country. The leader of the team that worked on developing the new strain claims that it can thrive in any environment and has given it the name Hom Le Noi. The National Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology provides the personnel for this group.
According to Dr. Theerayut Tuchinda, the leader of the research team, Hom Le Noi has the ability to withstand a variety of natural hazards. According to him, it is able to withstand the brown planthopper, a non-native insect that feeds on rice plants. According to him, it is also able to withstand a disease caused by bacterial leaf blight.
According to Dr. Theerayut, the development of the new rice strain took a significant amount of time. According to him, work on the project got underway in 2013. The group chose the most successful rice strains developed in the lab and sent them to farmers all around Thailand for cultivation.
Dr. Theerayut also mentioned that the annual production at Hom Le Noi is consistent at roughly 900 kilos per rai, however this number can fluctuate depending on the weather.
Exporters of rice have stated that in order for Thailand to compete in the international rice market, new rice varieties are required. A statement made by the president of the Thai Rice Exporters Association earlier this month indicated that the country of Thailand has not developed any new rice breeds in the last four decades.
It is hoped that Hom Le Noi will make life simpler for farmers during floods and contribute to the expansion of agriculture in Thailand.

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