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Thai Restaurant’s Job Ad Goes Viral: Insane Requirements and Incredible Salary Package Will Leave You Stunned!

Renowned Thai restaurant, Xin Rong, has just stirred up quite the excitement on the interweb with its announcement regarding an array of job encumbrances. Promising an attractive salary package in the ballpark of 70,000 to a whopping 90,000 baht, positions waiting to be filled include the cleanup squad, frontline customer service members, and the pivotal kitchen staff. Such generous offerings ignited the social media platforms into a frenzy and before long, the eatery’s job adverts became a sensational hit, primarily due to the lucrative starting salaries.

Well, that’s just one part of the story. The twist in the tale comes with the restaurant’s rather intriguing set of candidate qualifications. Xin Rong stipulates that any candidate declaring an interest in the posted positions should have ‘naturally single eyelids’ and hold a minimum bachelor’s degree majored, rather peculiarly, in the disciplines of hot pot medicine or stove arts or anything somewhat alike.

In a somewhat comical continuation, Xin Rong posted, “Those showcasing gorgeous vegetable slicing skills with the left hand and equally beautiful pork slicing technique with the right will definitely have an upper hand. Our selection panel moreover, holds a special place for those who profess a work experience during the bygone eras of the Ming or Tang dynasties, or claim an adventurous pedigree of having traversed the entire stretch of the Great Wall of China.”

Soon, scores of internet users swarmed in, leaving hordes of comments under the post. Some nodded in understanding — the high wage package requires an unorthodox skillset. Whereas others sparked debating camps, probing the seriousness of such requirements, or were they simply tailored to incite a viral social media wave? To the delight of the sceptics, the eatery soon verified that the job ads, in the face of their quirky nature, were authentic. Xin Rong confidently stated that any applicant who sails through the interview by meeting these fascinating qualifications would indeed be awarded the job.

According to the restaurant’s management, priority lies in roping in diligent, skilled individuals with a knack for the culinary arts. The news turned heads and sparked a lot of chatter amongst netizens, propelling it to the status of a viral sensation.

Earlier in May, a similar situation unfurled. A Chinese man, a 34-year-old resident of Shenzhen, set tongues wagging on social media platforms when he rolled out a strict set of requirements for his future wife on a dating banner at a public park in China. The discerning seekers demands ignited heated discussions about his approach to seeking a companion, often straddling the lines of debate on gender equality.

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