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ThaiBev CEO’s Shocking Closure to Sustainability Expo: Will You Join the War Against Global Warming?

Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi, a prominent figure in the sustainability movement and the current president and CEO of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (ThaiBev), has officially sealed the Sustainability Expo 2023. As the main orchestrator of this ten-day long celebration of environmental consciousness, he passionately elaborates on the need for proactive participation in the struggle against carbon emissions. He empowers individuals and businesses alike, urging them to wage a battle against global warming with a goal for Thailand to attain carbon neutrality by 2050.

During his touching finale speech at the capstone of the expo, Thapana showered his gratitude upon the diverse individuals and organizations that played a critical role in the actualization of this impactful event. His optimism was infectious, stirring everyone present to imagine their role as tiny, yet necessary cogs in the intricate machinery striving towards a healthier, greener future.

The concept of the expo, he clarified, was not an isolated spark of inspiration. It was a collective epiphany shared by like-minded individuals who deemed sustainability as an imperative pillar for a thriving world. From ongoing dialogues with seasoned professionals from various sectors, Thapana gleaned that the task of instilling sustainability is a responsibility that lies in the hands of each one of us.

Thailand, he highlighted, has solidified its commitment to transitioning to a carbon-neutral state by 2050 and aiming for zero greenhouse emissions just 15 years later. But this governmental pledge comes with a significant caveat. He urged individuals to carve their own paths towards sustainability, by evaluating their annual carbon footprint and by fostering an intimate connection with nature, through actions such as looking after green spaces or conscientious plastic waste management.

He stressed the urgent need for each of us to introspect and evaluate our contribution to the environmental crisis. By understanding the amount of carbon dioxide emitted due to personal actions, one can take steps to mitigate this by, for instance, planting trees. Without consciousness of our activities, it’s impossible to pinpoint areas of improvement for reaching the carbon-neutral goal, Thapana emphasised.

Thapana reflected on the immense knowledge garnered from SX2023, praising its role in showcasing how every sector is passionately contributing to the cause. But the work doesn’t end here. For Thapana and ThaiBev, the war for sustainability has no defined end but is a continual journey towards a cleaner, greener world, filled with inter-organizational collaborations and endless learning.

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