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Thailand accepts more churches as part of efforts to promote religious harmony

57 churches have been permitted in majority-Buddhist Thailand. There are currently 60 religious endorsements. By 2021, the Thai Cabinet required churches to have 200 active contributors as well as a resident priest. Of Thailand’s 69 million inhabitants, 5% identify as Catholic in 2019. A Pattaya-based Christian organization provided food to stranded Russian and Ukrainian immigrants in April. Despite the small number of Christians in Thailand, their philanthropic work has a big influence. To begin discussing Thailand’s religion, it is useful to note that there are three churches.

Several of Thailand’s most prestigious educational institutions are run by Christians, demonstrating the significance of religion in Thai culture. Three Catholic churches in Thailand were recognized this week for promoting religious tolerance. The reward, according to Thailand’s minister of culture, would “promote and foster faiths.” I want them to study and live like Christians, he declared in front of the public. The Ministry of Culture denounced churches for 93 years. Saint Monica Church in Nan Province, Saint Joseph the Worker Church in Phrae Province, and Saint Thomas the Apostle Church in Bangkok are the newest recognized churches.

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