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Thailand Beauty Award 2023: The Thailanders Celebrate Top Skin and Makeup Innovations

Picture this – a grand event hosted by none other than The Thailanders, a revered bilingual media powerhouse. They’ve rolled out the red carpet at the glamorous Beauty Hall, Siam Paragon, setting the stage for a lavish ceremony celebrating the crème de la crème of Thailand’s beauty industry – The Thailanders’ Best Beauty Award 2023. The glitz, the glamour, and the glow up – it was all there!

At the heart of this spectacle stood Amornsiri Boonyasit, the esteemed Editor-in-Chief of The Thailanders. With the flair of a seasoned veteran, she expressed her admiration for Thailand’s beauty mavens. “I’ve seen them toil tirelessly,” she disclosed, “melding innovative science with nature’s treasures to create the purest form of beauty, one that soothes not just the skin, but the soul. And it’s this relentless pursuit that spurred us to institute The Thailanders’ Best Beauty Award 2023 – as a salute to their excellence.”

With the excitement bubbling over, the spotlight turned to the stars of the show – the award-winning beauty brands that have redefined elegance and effectiveness. Hold your applause, darlings, as we sashay through the runway of winners:

  1. Mac Cosmetics: Taking home the prize with their STUDIO RADIANCE SERUM-POWERED FOUNDATION, Mac Cosmetics dazzles us with what The Thailanders named the BEST RADIANT SERUM FOUNDATION. If your skin could thank you, it would.
  2. La Mer: No surprise here, darling – with CRÈME DE LA MER, they scooped up the BEST UNIVERSAL MOISTURIZER CREAM award. A potion so luxurious, your skin feels like it’s indulging in a spa day, every day!
  3. Estée Lauder: Capturing the night’s essence with their Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex, they snagged the BEST ULTIMATE ANTI-AGING SERUM. Dreams do come true, and apparently, so does ageless skin!
  4. CLÉ DE PEAU BEAUTÉ: Revered for The Serum, the brand took the honor of UNIVERSAL SERUM OF THE YEAR. The secret? Science, sophistication, and a little serendipity.
  5. The History of Whoo: Delving deep into nature’s secret garden, The History of Whoo’s Hwanyu extract won BEST ANTI-AGING FROM NATURE. Mother Earth’s best kept secret, until now!
  6. SHU UEMURA: Revolutionizing the makeup-off routine, Advanced ULTIME8 CLEANSING OIL clinched the BEST DEEP CLEANSING PERFECT SKIN ENHANCER. Because beauty sleep starts with a clean slate!
  7. Sisley: When stars align, you get Sisley’s SUPREMŸA AT NIGHT THE SUPREME ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE – the winning formula for the BEST NIGHTTIME ANTI-AGING COLLECTION. Nighttime rejuvenation at its finest.
  8. SHISEIDO: With a potion straight out of alchemy, SHISEIDO’s Future Solution LX Legendary Enmei Ultimate Brilliance Eye Cream bagged the ULTIMATE ANTI-AGING FOR EYES award. Dare I say, a glimpse of immortality?
  9. LANCÔME: Synonymous with sophistication, LANCÔME with ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE SERUM garnered the ADVANCED ANTI-AGING SERUM accolade. An elixir for that youthful spritz!
  10. CLARINS: Lightweight yet powerful – the Double Serum Light Texture won the ULTIMATE AND AGE RESTAURATION SERUM. A double act for twice the charm!
  11. SUQQU: Casting a spell with The Foundation, SUQQU took home the BEST GLOWING SMOOTH CREAM FOUNDATION. A little magic for that radiant charm.
  12. Kanebo: Giving wearability a new name, Comfort Skin Wear Foundation earned the BEST LONG-LASTING SKIN ON SKIN FOUNDATION award. It’s like your second skin, only better!
  13. JUNGSAEMMOOL: For skin that speaks volumes, the Masterclass Radiant Cushion was named BEST RADIANT CUSHION OF THE YEAR. Glow, that’s all the talk!
  14. Kiehl’s: Spot-on, Kiehl’s! Their Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution nabbed the BEST BRIGHTENING SERUM OF THE YEAR. Hello, radiance! Goodbye, imperfections!

As the festivities drew to a close, the winners basked in the limelight, while the guest pondered upon their next beauty investment. Each brand, with their extraordinary concoctions, not only claimed the throne of beauty innovation but captured the very essence of Thai resilience and elegance. Until next time, keep dazzling and basking in your own version of beauty, while The Thailanders keep an eye out for those who turn heads—and hearts—without even trying!

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